OM 10-8 final


We will still tie for the west championship, whatever that’s worth. Guess it gets us some rings. Still going to be 4th in Hoover. Worst of that is having to face UF if we win the first game. Our RPI isn’t going down much regardless. Our SOS isn’t going down, either. If we go 1-2 in Hoover, we might fall a bit in the national seeding, but not by much. The good news if that happens is we’ll have gotten some pitchers & Grant Koch some rest.

Still sick we couldn’t overcome the road woes this weekend. Had chances.

yeah we had plenty of chances to win the division going away you go 14-1 at home you should win 22-23 games in the league…just hard to believe we play so differently.

yeah if we play Fla remember Murphy has had their number they have never had much success against him at all.

Losing 2 games this weekend we should have won is what stinks! Sharing a drink of water with Ole Miss stinks too!

we should won this division a long time ago but it is what it is.

According to Matt if both Ole Miss and us loose we would be the. #2 seed.

It’s over. 10-8. Ole Miss looked ugly and got plenty of help. Wide strike zone with Bama at the plate. Really wide.