Olympics reportedly postponed

This is interesting on a couple of fronts. First, there are several former Razorbacks who this will affect, including some who had a chance to medal this year.

Also, the timing is of interest. The Olympics were to be held in late July/early August. Obviously the Olympics are a lot more complex than an American-only sporting event, but to this point the latest event that had been postponed, to my knowledge, was the College World Series in late June. The Olympics were to start six weeks after Omaha.

I assume the largest problem would be the training facilities. And I am not sure all of the squads are complete yet.

I wonder what the cutoff date is for cancelling.

Impact on Olympic scheduling really starts earlier than the actual date of the Olympics.

The Associations for various sports hold Trials to select their teams starting in May. For example both Swimming and Track and Field have Trials scheduled for June. And prior to the Trials, athletes have to have training plus some actual meets to compete in. Track and Field has its Diamond League schedule starting in May.

As far as postponement, October is the latest they can postpone the Games too. Beyond that you are looking at winter in Japan.

At this time postponing the Games to 2021 may be a smart bet.

This is terrible. Just hate it.

Good points. The swim trials are in Omaha, across the street from the ballpark where the CWS is played.

I feel bad for the Omaha business owners. It was going to be an NCAA Tournament host site, too.

Confirmed postponing the Olympics until sometime in 2021.