Olympic trials, Friday 7/8

In the first round of the 200 for women, Taylor Ellis-Watson was third in her heat and automatically qualified for the next round.

I got to see Sandi Morris clear her first height.

It is raining, and pretty hard. The meet referees have postponed the Women’s Pole Vault qualifying until later because of the weather.

Watching the discus throwers is just scary. The circle is full of water. How they can spin and not slip is quite the chore.

Both Dorian Ulrey and Duncan Phillips failed to qualify for the 1500m final. Ulrey was 9th in his heat in 3:46:61 and Phillips was 8th in his heat in 3:49:78.

Sandi Morris, Lexi Weeks and April Bennett qualify for the Pole Vault final

Stephanie Brown gas qualified for the 1500m final. Stephanie was 5th in her semifinal heat in 4:11:30.

Stanley Kebenei came in 12th in 3000m Steeplechase final in 8:48:99. Winning time was 8:22:48.

Neil Braddy did not qualify for the 400M Hurdles final.

Tyson Gay and Kenzo Cotton ran in a heat with 1.4 tailwind, whereas Jarrion Lawson had a tailwind of just 0.4 in his heat and Wallace Spearmon had a headwind of 1.1. Result, only Gay qualifies for the final.