Olympian helps future Hog set discus record

Better set a big table when there is a family get together.

Be sure and Thank the Mom for a really tall and athletic young man…

He apparently already has good technique, so I’d like to see him get a chance to score points for our track team when meets don’t conflict with FB games/practice. As he gets stronger with his FB weight training his HS numbers should translate well while transitioning to the 16lb. shot and college discus. He should not have to sacrifice FB training much at all to stay proficient with the shot/discus…don’t really expect it to happen…just wishing.

He is the best of all our incoming OL in my opinion… I think he has a bright future and play sooner rather than later…

That’s a mouthful, youda, cuz emarrion seems like a future NFL lineman. Man, do I love our head coach!


I love Harris but he’s got to lose some weight to be able to move well enough to play for us.Kutas just needs to probably add about 10 or 15 lb and he’ll be ready to. He is very technically sound, great pad level, nasty attitude! he will knock your head off.

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He may need to drop some but Arkansas thinks he’s going to be special even at his current weight.

I hope so…IMO didn’t appear to move too good in the spring game, carrying a lot of weight around his midsection but I definitely think he has a bright future.

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