Oline Recruiting by Dustin Fry not very good

He may be a fantastic coach and his teaching technique impeccable but he’s not connecting with above average O-line targets at all. Kurt Andersen wasn’t exactly kill’n it himself but I’m getting a vibe of desperation compared to the other positions of need.

I understand he was just recently a Offensive Graduate from 2012-2014 at Clemson and he’s originally from South Carolina and this may be handicapping his efforts as Arkansas has absolutely no H.S. connections their.

I am hoping that our 10th coach has some connection to the Offensive Line and possesses some recruiting prowess…

We already have 10 coaches, lol.

http://www.arkansasrazorbacks.com/sport … bl/roster/

While not landing big-time OL prospects so far, not sure why you would think he is not connecting with kids. That’s not the opinion I get from talking to the prospects.

In the end, they will have to land top OL, but I think it is too early to categorize him as a recruiting failure.

I believe you are saying that because he is from South Carolina, he is not able to recruit from Arkansas.

He was actually born in Honolulu, Hawaii, but obviously moved to SC.

There is only one coach on the staff from Arkansas. It has been that way for awhile.

If you are speaking about Stacey Wilkins and Darius Thomas, they chose to go to what has been more successful programs.

That’s more of a program not winning thing than a individual recruiting thing to me.

As others have pointed out, the 10th coach is already on staff.

From his bio:

Fry, a former Clemson center and a fifth-round NFL draft pick, was a graduate assistant at Clemson from 2012-2014.

He was the offensive line coach at SMU from 2015-2017.

According to Sport Source Analytics, Fry’s offensive line in 2017 ranked No. 14 nationally in efficiency (79.6), based on tackle for loss percentage, sack percentage and third and fourth down run percentage.

SMU averaged 5.0 yards per carry and were one of 18 FBS programs, including one of three in the American Athletic Conference, to accomplish that feat during the regular season. SMU’s 2,230 rushing yards were its most in a regular season in 10 years.

I may be wrong on this, but I do not think you can blame the OL coach for the lack of O Line recruiting. I think each coach has a territory and recruits all players, regardless of position, from that territory. Now, I am sure once they are actively being recruited, the position coach also gets involved. I just don’t know if you can say he is a bad recruiter because he is the OL coach and we are not recruiting well to that position.

Maybe DD can enlighten us a little on this as well as recruits Coach Fry has recruited other than Offensive Line and his recruiting territory?

And as we speak Fry just landed a pretty good Oline prospect that seems to have some strength & agility.

Not saying he’s a bad recruiter but average. He may be getting the attention of the elite one’s but it ends their.

I referenced South Carolina with no history of attaining elite talent from the SW region (ArklaTex). I’m not going to count his time at SMU because that’s a disadvantage. He’s now at a SEC school beating out mid-level programs for recruits.

His history does suggest he will get the best out of them though(coach them up) but the learning curve has always been dramatically reduced with the right talent who are choosing other Big12/SEC program’s.

Performance on the field (especially in front of a national audience) may in time resolve this in time though :crossed_fingers:

And as I stated, I think it is too early.

Thankfully, Michael Smith was allowed to stay around Arkansas and started to land some players.

I remember many on this board who wanted him run out early.

Guess who new OL commit Dylan Rathke’s chief recruiter at Kentucky was? Michael Smith.

I know I was the dummy who wanted John Scott Jr. unemployed. (Thank goodness nobody listens to me)

Typical Michael Smith recruiting. Finish in the top 2 or 3 of a Louisiana player.

I think they’re in good shape with Nwanna and Cunningham.

Arkansas was the first Power 5 to offer Myron so I think that’s a big plus for Arkansas. All his major offers came after Arkansas.

I respectfully disagree. I think Fry will be fine.

i think the problem is Fry has nobody in the NFL(to my knowledge) and I think that is whats hurting him more than anything…These Kids want to know you can get them to the next level,you would think with the Prownness of the SEC and the resources at Arkansas would make it very appealing,maybe if we start winning that will help but as it is we will just have to develop these kids.I am very high on Limmer,Winkel( last yr) and Cunningham if we get him also think Capps and Gatlin will be very good so we have a nucleus of good OL just have to get continue to get stronger if we are to compete in this Division.

Former SMU center Evan Brown is a rookie with the New York Giants

just my 2 cents worth.winning will help but we can’t wait on that,we got to have guys now.

He has only been here a full year! Way too early to tell imo! Referring to first post.

I think he’s a good coach, the OL has improved from last year with less to work with.

But he has not proven to be a good or even mediocre recruiter yet. Our OL recruits aren’t striking fear into anyone in the SEC.

Landing Cunningham is a must IMO for fry, he needs a big time get, and he needs it now, everyone else is getting them.

It may be a good idea to give the man time to show what he can do! He hasn’t been here a year yet.