Oline play and Dline play stand out

Our Oline play has been talked about a lot, but the Dline had major issues last night again. Bijohn Jackson was the only one that didn’t seem to get blown off the ball and Agim was the main one that got a lot of penetration. We need some size on the Dline period. The other issue is that DE and LBs continue to lose containment on outside runs.

If the Oline was able to open running lanes and protect AA, then this offense would be able to pass too. The offense could stay on the field to limit exposure of this Def like it has in past 2 seasons. The nuance of the offense keeping the ball so long and reducing snaps against our Def is very powerful. The Offense is key to this whole team.

We have signed some good Oline talent on paper the last 2 years BUT we have had some serious under achievers.
Koehler and Boyd never saw the field. I considered Wallace as an under achiever until the last 4-5 games, because he never turned the light on for a while. We have 2 more new JC transfers (Ramirez and Malone) that haven’t done anything. If Ramirez and Malone would have played to their potential we may not be starting Froholdt and one of the tackle positions may be supported. Colton Jackson is actually better than his play looked on this early season implosion on the Oline. Jackson will be a good player for us the next 3 years.

Thank God for Raulerson or we would be in REAL trouble this year. Raulerson has been injured and he is too light in the pants, but he saved us until Johnny Gibson stepped up big time. Now Raulerson can heal and Johnny Gibson can get some good experience over the next 2 games.

Losing Kirkland early and the loss of Pittman during the height of recruiting season hurt us. CBB has a history of good Olineman and nationally recognized for putting Olineman in the NFL, so I think he can recover from the recent misses better than anyone. CBB and KA can overcome last year’s change from Pittman to Anderson causing a problem in recruiting.

Thank God for Tretola as one of our best Transfers to over-come the talent deficiency during 14 and 15.

The defensive line has not dominated. And, they have not fared well against SEC offensive lines, most notably, Texas A&M, Alabama, Auburn and LSU. There were issues in the fourth quarter against TCU.

The fourth quarter has been an abyss for this defensive line.

The hope is the youth in the DL. That’s Sosa Agim, Austin Capps, Briston Guidry and Jonathan Marshall. Those are the freshmen.

I held the belief that starting two years ago, that the physical nature of the Arkansas team had improved. It has slipped at this point.

I know that last year there was a thought that the defensive front needed to lose weight and gain speed to play against the spread teams. Now, I’m more convinced than ever that there is never a substitute for strength and power, especially in the defensive line.

Clay, I totally agree. I suspect there was a reaction to an inability to stop the spread that created a chain reaction in practice time allocation. Certainly I hope to see the o-line get back to being a great run blocking unit. It starts there. You were correct. Bret’s teams have to be able to run it. HAVE to. The whole program is built around having a great o-line. D-line too…but we will never have the best d-line in the league.

But we need to have the best run blocking o-line in the league.

I am sure Bret is muttering this to himself right about now.

I appreciate your thoughts Clay. I hate what the spread/HUNH has done to football. It has put more power in the hands of Bama as they are one of the few that can get the ELITE athletes to defend it. I saw a picture of a Marshall at a practice a friend was able to attend- holy cow that kid is a grown man! He told me Guidry would be a great player based on what he saw at practice. I have been told that Sosa is more of a fit for DE and Capps will be real good after an off season of development. I was impressed by the push Bijohn got last night.

Great comments Clay. Dunno about the defensive staff. I had high hopes at the start of the season. Now, I’m completely baffled. It seems in big games the defense is not really prepared, the defensive calls and substitute players are slow to come in and then sometimes don’t have time to line up properly.