OLine observation

I think we are all reasonably concerned with our new OLine, RT, the pending battle with A&M’s freak DE.

But it occurred to me yesterday that our new OL this year has played better than our veteran OL played to start last season. Remember we couldn’t run on our cupcakes, including that pitiful Toledo game with 11 or so penalties, lots of them on our OL and TE’s.

I’m not saying this OL will gell and be as dominant as last year’s line ended up, but they have started better than that group and may end up like that group. Wallace looked good at RT last night, nice to see competition there.

Looking forward to watching this unfold!


This is a valid point.

Amazingly the rushing stats are almost the same to T, 171 yds rushing per game first 3 this year and last. The third game last year was 43 att for 228, followed up with A&M, 42 for 232. Last night 44 for 226.