Oline improvement?

We played a team that the media touts as being a very good pass rushing Def Line and LB’s. We did pretty good on pass protection at times. I noticed Wallace and Jackson playing with more fire in this game. I felt that Zac Rogers played good. Gibson and Froholdt continue to be solid.

Did Ragnow’s loss shock these kids into a circle the wagons rally? Jackson needs a mean streak and Wallace needs to care, but this may be the first game I saw something from them. I think the concern about Zac Rogers is wrong as he has proven he is a good center buried behind an All American.

I give them an Incomplete on run blocking because the OM defense sucks against the run. We looked better in run blocking but that is not a good run defense.

Now we have another winnable game for this Oline to develop some rapport and confidence for the final 3 games.

Obviously the OLine stepped up yesterday. By no means could you say they have arrived but even against a poor run defense of the Land Sharks they were improved. Hopefully they have turned the corner and are jelling.

Props to the OLine. Still work to be done.

I agree and that is why I focused on how they handled the OM pass rush. OM has a respected pass rush so that is telling for our Oline improvement.


Did Ragnow’s loss shock these kids into a circle the wagons rally?
[/quote]No, the Hogs played Ole Miss who gave up 593 yards last week to LSU; LSU only had the nation’s #52 offense and one that had struggled much of the season before Ole Miss.

As the announcers said, it was the best worst game of the season. But, that’s all it was.


I talked about the weakness and the strength of the Oline performance and never said they were as good as an Elite program like LSU’s. I just talked about the pass blocking being better against a good pass rush. I also gave them an Incomplete for run blocking since OM is so bad against the run.

The Hogs got 449 yards against that same defense which isn’t bad with a RS FR at QB in his 3rd start, losing our best Olineman, and shuffling the Oline for the umpteenth time.

Can we just enjoy the win?


[/quote]Now that’s silly. Did I say I didn’t enjoy the game? I could have said it was the worst worst game this year. But, paying tribute to the announcers, I echoed what they said, it was the worst best game of the year. Now, in regard to the improving oline, you asked a question. I did not not see Oline improvement. What I saw is the Hogs rushing for well over 200 yards against the nation’s #126 rushing defense. UCA would have rushed for a lot against Ole Miss.