Oline importance to bielema success

I’m puzzled.

As I see it the offensive line is the key to bielemas style and success.

Oline is his best defense…controls clock, keeps other teams offense inept by literally keeping them off the field.

Oline key to running game…see above

Oline keeps our defense and its exposures…corner off the field.

Oline allows play action and the vertical passing game…which keeps safeties out of the box for the running game.

So you would think the area we would be tinkering with the least this late in the cycle would be oline since so many things in this approach depend on it.

So why are we suddenly starting a freshman and moving guards to tackle? I get clary may be a great option, but not having tackles worked considering the above seems really odd. This will bite us more than anything else this year if a good solution isn’t found. We will be using tight ends as extra tackles instead of threats downfield if something doesn’t work out.

Hognc, your not alone in your thinking. However, CoachB consistently said that he wanted to start the best 5 on the oline. We just have to see if the coaches evaluation of the personnel is correct. The TCU game will be critical. We have to wait and see.

OK, these comments about Clary are puzzling to me. Why not consider that he is a rare combination of physical and mental talent? Remember Shawn Andrews? He started as a true freshman and belonged there. And while starting Chase Hayden is not considered abnormal, why should starting a freshman on the o-line cause such distress?

It’s sort of like Burlsworth being a recruited walk-on, they did know that Clary was one that they wanted. They just had to manage the numbers properly, so they offered a blue-shirt. Just because a player is a freshman does NOT make him a lesser player.

I have zero complaints about clary, I’m sure he is the best option and applaud the move. He looked good when I check the tape.

However, if our best five produces what I’m seeing at tackle considering oline importance I’m concerned, where are the tackle solutions? Colton just struggled with the speed rush. He does not appear to have the speed to handle it, who does in our stable? He may be a good guard, I have no idea.

I used to trust bielema and Anderson would make the line the one thing not to worry about, but after last year and this many last minute changes (some for the good) I’m concerned. They are going to be working testing solutions against TCU, I hope they are good ones.

I find it fascinating that his job may come down to a 3 star tackle, a defensive lineman, 2 walk on’s and an all American.

He’s either a brilliant finder of under evaluated talent or he totally whiffed on his strength, OL.

I hope it’s the first.

I think the O-line played better in the first game than some have wanted to believe. I do think there were some misses early against FAMU. The line played much better as the game progressed, most notably Colton Jackson.

You’re likely correct. That first impression of the OL is probably seared in my mind and neglecting the second half performance.

It is what he has based his success on along with running backs.

The O-line recruiting could clearly have been better, but most of the ones not playing - at least so far - were highly-recruited ones.

People on message boards have wanted to crucify Colton Jackson but most fans outside of message boards recognized how good the offense did after adjustments and the Line improving (especially Colton). It is a message board phenomenon that some people have to complain to look like they are more knowledgeable, they have higher standards, and they are realistic fans. I understand the concern about Colton during the first 2 drives, but I calmed down after he settled into a groove and recognized the stunts they were using as well as blitzes.

I thought the OL played fantastic!! except a few misses early.I love how we dominated in side and Kudos to our FB becasue they trapped and filled beautifully…will be extremely excited if we can do the same to TCU! WPS!!!

Youdaman, you know the OL and you are hard to please. To see you making these statements about our Oline makes me feel good. it tells me we are moving in the right direction.

Ty Clary may surprise us by being a superstar. Will the light come on for Wallace? Colton and Johnny are still new at their tackle positions and it showed before we made adjustments. Colton didn’t look sure of himself early so he moved a little slow from thinking I guess. We commit to double teams on our Oline quickly so I wonder if that is why we still have trouble with delayed blitzes? Our RB’s go out in pass coverage if there is nobody to block too.

AA got hit way too many times by a fairly bad (not top tier) FCS team…that has to improve or AA will not survive the SEC

FAMU sold out with serious blitz packages early. He got hit way too much early but didn’t hit that much the rest of the game.