Oline Coach?

Looks like a great Coach!!

He worked with Pittman at North Carolina and I would be willing to bet he was recruited by him to play at Oklahoma. Pittman was OU’s line coach in 1997-98, and Davis’ freshman season there was 1999.


has some ties to Tx as well.

Anyone know much more about Davis?

I’m thinking Sam’s Oline coach must be pretty outstanding.

Not that it matters because he would be unemployed at Missouri, but he was making $400,000 a year there

Do we know his recruiting territory for Mizzou?

Youdaman…if you like it I am good with it because you know the O Line!


Some schools don’t do territory, they do position. No idea how Odom had it set up. I’ve been looking at some of their commit profiles to see who their lead recruiter was and I can’t find anything.

R D is saying Davis is with Pittman tonight recruiting

Davis is from NOLA. Coincidentally, one of Pitt’s 4* OL commits at GA is from NOLA.

Davis is known recruiter. This is a great hire.

It appears he is already here.