Oline changes for insiders?

What was Brett’s explanation for all the changes? Did the light just come in finally for Rogers and Wallace?

I have no inside knowledge…but I would bet that Bret…who tends to be a CEO type coach and let his position coaches coach…asserted himself and said “this is what we are gonna do. Period.”

That’s just my take. But I’ll bet that’s more of less what happened.

Why now? Ol has been awful for almost 2 years. Ud think he would have inserted himself way before yesterday

They’ve been tweaking the line during practices. Saturday just happened to be the first game they showed it.

They started working this version of the line the Monday before the Alabama game. The reasoning was getting more size on the field to match up with a physical Alabama team. Putting Frank at guard allows him to help Brian Wallace.

It sounds like this will be the OL for the immediate future.

In 2 weeks we will be able to see if there’s any improvement. It will be hard to notice very much aginst Auburn. I do think we will be able to run a little more aginst Auburn.

Interesting… but a little late in my opinion…I DID NOTICE that one of Alabama best lineman has played several positions to help the team. We have had that opportunity with Ragnow and just now are making a change. Is it poor coaching or am I missing something?

Hope the moves pan out and provide success. They seem to be out of desperation, certainly nothing wrong with trying them. Most coaches in similar positions would as well.

Kind of like those old cartoons, where someone is shooting at someone, they run out of bullets, then throw the gun at the person they were shooting at.

I was at the game Saturday right behind the ark bench. Man…they have some good looking OLineman…standing and watching…They sure look the part.

I’ve been reading about Wisconsin football to try and fathom why they are so successful with the prostyle approach and we are not. Here’s part of an article:

When Wisconsin wins, it’s with big people.

There are two steps in staking out a recruiting strategy:

Figure out if you can land blue-chippers.
If you can’t, figure out who you can get.
When Alvarez was named head coach at Wisconsin nearly 30 years ago, he figured out that blue-chippers were only going to be so much of an option, but that he could land all the strong guys he wanted if he developed relationships in-state. He could go out of state to find workhorse running backs and speed guys on the perimeter, and he could build a style that relied on physical play. It wouldn’t always work, but it usually would.

We have the workhorse running backs and speed guys but not the necessary linemen. Why are big Wisconsin linemen better than what we can recruit? Any thoughts?

I think we got away from Big Olineman because of the Enos offense/move towards more agile Olineman that can pull for screens.

The Enos explanation by Treat seems accurate.

Wisconsin HS football is ahead of Arkansas HS football? Maybe.

SEC requires greater speed + size, not just one or the other, than does the B1G. Took a couple of years to make the switch and the change is still a “work in progress.”

There are more big boned, German or Scandinavian heritage, farm boys all over the midwest than there are in Arkansas. They are coming out of generally good education systems from a lot of farming or manufacturing families. The blue collar steel mill families in Pennsylvania or oil industry families in Texas are similar fertile recruiting grounds for many programs. So, they got lots of high character, big boned, not afraid of hard work, young men with lots of community and family support. They walk-on at Wisconsin in large numbers, put in the hard work, and some of them become very good football players. Arkansas’s population is just not as large as Wisconsin’s is in the raw material CBB needs for his system. There are some. Gibson and Clary may be good examples. Not enough so far.


Good points…however, I believe we have linemen but haven’t properly developed them. I posted that when Petersen quit he ripped his assistants and says he didn’t hire the right assistants. I have stated that we have the same problem with our position coaches. I don’t believe that big northern linemen are any better than our linemen. It just how they’re coached.

He wanted to go with more bulk. I think it’s been coming, as far as Wallace moving to the front. The key is that no one has been strong enough at right guard – except Gibson and the feeling is that Gibson feels more comfortable at left tackle. I believe this line will play for a few weeks together.