OleMiss pitcher

hasn 't really shown us he can find the strike zone more than not…think we might have had a walk or two had we laid off the off the plate pitches. Although that last swing worked.

Well, he doesn’t seem to throw, up and center cut much. With any pitches. I like strikes but not fat ones.

But having said that pitching is not what will win it in this or any WS. Gotta hit Championship caliber pitching to win Championships.

Hes not been pitching championship caliber in my view. We’v e helped him out by being very aggressive. whixh I know is something many on here have wanted. Sometimes though patience is better. Having said, you are right that our own hurlers have been pretty bad…that’s why we’re behind on the scoreboard.

I don’t think he is either, more of a general statement about the entire Tourn. He will be taking them to the Championship very potentially. He has been adequate tonight. You also have to hit adequate pitching to win Championships. Straight fast and a lot of the plate is adequate. So are hooks center cut.

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Maybe he knew what he was saying by when he said we were pitchable.

Crafty freshman

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