Ok I missed most of the first half after failing to adjust for time zone difference in the TV listings. I beat my breast multiple times for penance. I watched from about 3 minutes left in the first half to the end of the game. I don’t recall anyone on either team taking a charge during that time. It was open freeway down the lane for both teams. It was actually worse than that, as we did manage to reach out and lightly touch someone to give the purple ones a whole bunch of and ones. I can’t imagine that CMA was pleased with this. Is it time to dust off Nolan’s old take a charge drill until these guys get the message?

As I posted in a different thread the defense was similar to what you would see in a NBA all star game. Nolan wouldn’t tolerate it.

Not going to see many charges period in college basketball. As of the last couple of years they are emphasizing freedom of movement for the offensive players, so it’s extremely tough to get a charge call unless the offensive player is out of control and just absolutely runs over you.

As far as the defense in that game, LSU did what we wanted them to do which was try to run up and down with us, they did that and lost by 13 points and never lead in the game. Every time they made a run, we buckled down, got stops and pushed the lead back up.

I agree with you and many others that the defense was porous in the 2nd half. It appeared to me that Hogs figured out they could score at will and took the foot off of the defensive pedal.

That’s not a good habit and MA, I’m sure will address it. I also agree that Nolan wouldn’t have liked it and would have addressed it.

That said, I can recall us playing several shootouts in that era when we were around 90-100+ pts and our opponents scored a lot of points in an up and down affair.

This team can’t afford to coast, even against inferior teams. But, the good thing is it’s a teaching point from what still ended up being a fairly comfortable win.

To me, it also underscored the importance of Manny. He’s a defensive tone setter and brings a lot of intangibles to the table.