Ole Miss

Hired DJ Durkin as Assistant coach , I wonder how long it will be before someone gets hurt or dies .

For a couple of weeks Kiffin was my top choice for our job. I was wrong.

I am so glad things worked out the way they did.

Cannot imagine a parent approving of their child playing in that type of environment. Cannot imagine a player wanting to go to that type of environment. Recruiting is a nasty business and this will be used against them. Looks like a bad decision to me but time will tell.

Hope it is Villacard…would thrill me if it backfired on Ole Piss! I think most on here know how I feel about that program!

I’ll say this for kiffin, he is hiring some great recruiters. I dislike ole miss more than Texas. Their schedule next year is brutal. But if they recruit watch out. Recruiting is name of game.

Game On. Durkin has had great success as a DC in the past. As a HC, not so much. :sunglasses:

While recruiting is important. Development is more important. It doesn’t matter about the number of stars.It’s all about their development into Division I players. That’s on and off the field and in the classroom as well.

Dan Wolken (USA Today) doesn’t think much of the hire. It’s a scathing article.

What did he do?

This sums it up pretty well. Neglect and abuse led to a player’s death, and the abuse continued after the death.

How Jordan McNair died

Many say he was responsible for the death of a player when he was head coach at Maryland. Check out the article that I linked, it lists many of the charges against him.

I’m really glad that we didn’t hire Kiffin, if only because of his hiring of this piece of dirt.

That’s just another reason.

Thanks SwineFusion! I knew about all this but glad to be reminded!

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Why in the world do coaches continue to hire assistants that should never be allowed on a college campus or around players in any sport! This isn’t happening in football only it’s across the board in athletics.
The guy should be in jail! Instead he’s going to make a good pay check to abuse some players!

Wow…just wow. I thought this guy would never walk a sideline again.

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Me too, LD, me too.

Damn, I’m glad we hired Pittman!

Why did Kiffin hire Durkin? Because Sandusky was not available.

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Makes me wonder if the Lane Train is having some issues finding staff. :man_shrugging:

Probably not. Saw where he got Patridge from Michigan; apparently a great recruiter.