Ole Miss

I cannot root for the bag man team against FSU… go Noles.

Neither can I. Pulled for LSU, Auburn and Bama, but just cannot do it for Ole Miss.

Nor I. I guess it may be good for the conference if they won, but I can’t make myself pull for them.

Then, there is texass & ND. I hope neither wins and they kill each other in the process.

I’m almost always of the mindset that SEC teams need to beat non-conference teams. I believe it’s best for us that our conference is perceived as the best. If we are at or near the top of the best conference, we get more respect. If we only lose to top SEC teams, it’s not quite as bad as losing to lesser teams.

BUT, I can’t stand Ole Miss. So I’m throwing out all those things I just said and hoping FSU beats the cheatin’ s.o.b.'s.

I agree with your first paragraph (and second), but (knew that was comin didn’t you) a few years ago when BP was here, two SEC teams played for the NC. The team most of the ESPN Gameday guys (Especially Herbstreit) said the third best team that year was the Hogs. Problem was we were in the SECW. Now, you’d think it would have helped with recruiting, but I believe we finished around 10th in the conference. I know people don’t think recruiting matters, but it really does. I just don’t understand with all the hype around our program and we have years like that year, and everyone in the SEC experiences an uptick in recruiting except us. Is everyone pulling an Ole Miss?

I don’t think most of us realized how much BP’s personality hurt recruiting. I think our record under him & his reputation for winning got some recruits in spite of his personality, but after his wreck I began to hear stories about how some of the players on the team discouraged recruits from coming here & getting dog-cussed so regularly. Regardless, there’s a two-edged sword about having our conference foes win: it helps us to be in the top conference, but it also helps their recruiting. That’s why in some ways it bothers me more if Ole Miss wins nc games. They’re direct competition on a whole lot of recruits. It’s rare we’re going to get someone Bama or LSU wants, but that’s not true of Ole Miss or MSU. If they lose, it hurts their recruiting & therefore tends to help ours.

Grew up in eastern Arkansas and all I heard on Memphis radio was ole miss. They cheat, their fans obnoxious and play dirty. Did I mention they cheat. Hope they lose every game.

I can’t stand Ole Miss. I try to be on my good behavior when I stop by the Hawgs Illustrated box before football games since Brad Dunn’s son went to Ole Miss and Leanne still pulls for them. But sometimes it just slips out, as it did yesterday.

Go Noles. You know it’s bad when you pull for Florida State. Ole Miss tried to pull an Auburn and buy an SEC West title, but Hunter Henry spoiled it. Now the NCAA is about to spoil the party for the Rebs and Bucky Freeze.