Ole Miss

Every time I have watched Ole Miss this season I have wondered why they haven’t won more games. They have quality guards, and the announcers will never let you forget that they have Sebastian Saiz in the middle. Their roster is fairly athletic.

All of their losses are to good basketball teams. All but four losses are against NCAAT teams, and the others were against bubble teams. They also had wins against Vandy and USC. If they could have pulled out close defeats against Baylor or Va Tech and won one more SEC game, they would be in the tourney.

Turnovers killed them late against Baylor. They had that game in the bag. And threw it away. The freshman has gained experience and is playing much better’. They are as good as a lot of the bubble teams. Of course Jerry Palm still has the hogs listed as a bubble team which is absurd!
The SEC will do better next year in the non conference schedule. The youngs teams will perform better. As well as the hogs. Even losing Mosses, Dusty and Manny I think we will be better next year.
we have a shot at winning a few more games this year too! WPS

Man they LOVED Siaz. A lot.

Granted he is a good player. But they gushed.

Love their guards, but inside it’s basically just Saiz. They have a couple Fs in Furmanicvics (Sp?) and Hymon, but those guys are just their to rebound. They get tired and are not nearly as interested in defending as they are in taking contested 3s.

Tyree, Burnett and Davis should all return next year. I like all of them, in particular the Tyree kid who is just a freshman.