Ole Miss will be tough


I think any team still playing in the super regional is tough to beat. South Carolina was not an easy draw last year for Arkansas. If this team wants to be a national championship contender, it is going to have to beat good teams the next three weeks, some better than Ole Miss.

we are the better team it will boil down to who makes the least mistakes errors,walks etc and who get the big hit at the key time,they have beaten us b/c they have done that more often than we have but they have never played us with Omaha on the line.
i think we come out strong and TCB this time.game one is the key for sure b/c their best pitcher throws game 2 and is LH so we have to get game 1 and I think we can close them out in game 2…we will be ready for them Mentally more than ever!

My first reaction, when I saw the field and our probable Super match-up was not positive, for all of the recent historical reasons people have posted about here over the last couple of days. However, what Matt says is correct; with the exception of the occasional “Cinderella” team, any team you play in a Super is (1) good and (2) playing well coming into it. Ole Miss is no exception.

On the other hand, I like the vibe I’m picking up from the player comments I see, hear and read. Neither cocky nor cowed, the seem quietly confident and you get the feeling that they’re not only aware of Ole Miss’s record against us/them, but ready to do something about it. Call me crazy, but my pendulum has swung in the other direction now and I feel good about us prevailing this weekend. Not saying it will be easy, or that they won’t push us. But I just think we’re ready to play a good series. When we’re at home and we do that, we’re very hard to take a series from.

Also, it’s worth noting that Ole Miss took the series from us very early in the Conference season. They’re an older, more experienced team very secure in who they are, and we were still trying to find out who WE were at that point. Now we know.

In Hoover DVH played to set up the pitching for the regional. The hogs win game 1 and DVH let the starters pitch about 5 innings. Ole miss didn’t play it that way. They tried to win it all in Hoover and I’m suprised they survived their regional.

The hogs can beat Ole Miss and if not they don’t deserve to go to Omaha. Win and earn it.

I’ve started getting a better feeling about playing OM, too. Perhaps it’s my natural optimism taking over, but I don’t think so. OM is not better than us and we’re not playing them on the road. We all know they’re quite capable of beating us, but I still think we have a better than 50-50 chance.

I remember to tell myself that their wins over us over the past 3-4 years are meaningless & that “having our number” is a superstition, not a logical indicator of what will happen this weekend. Of course, the games this season are not meaningless. The players are the same & conditions are roughly the same. But a 2-3 record is essentially an even record even if 2 of their wins happened at Baum.

Regardless, we all know the same thing. We can lose if our hitters don’t hit or if our pitchers can’t find the strike zone or if the OM pitchers/hitters have exceptionally good outings. But all we have to do is win 2 of 3. I like our chances of winning. Goodness knows how badly I want to win.

This team has far bigger fish to fry and went about this past weekend workman like and confident. I could be wrong, but when we beat Ole Miss there won’t be any dog-piling going on because the Hogs expect to be going to the CWS. We are better than Ole Miss when we play Hog ball and at home sure elevates that confidence.

I watched the players this week. Sure, they were happy to win, but it was like we did our job. When they closed out TCU, they went out on the field and shook hands. There was a little high five, but they knew they had a whole lot more work to do. They know you can be one pop fly from a NC and not get it. That is what happens when your PROGRAM reaches this level.

Their mind should be right. I think it is. Go out and play the way you are capable and you go to OMA, but there is no room for mistakes. (BOBs or errors - cannot have those from here on out. All the teams will be good.)

The series loss to OM was in a stretch where the Hogs lost four in a row, including one where they were hammered by the Little Rock Trojans. Hogs pitching is in much better condition today comparatively speaking. Pitching is the key this time of the year. I also wonder if the fatigue from playing six games in 6 days at the SEC tournament (Hogs played 3) will catch up with them. That’s nine games for them in a two-week span while the Hogs played 6 in the same span. I’m going with The Hogs at home.