Ole Miss vs Vandy

OM lead 9-1 in 3rd Vandy comes back in 9th to win 11-10!

Both were out of pitchers. What was this, 6 games for OM? I’d rather be home resting for the NCAA than celebrating a runner up spot in the SECT. Not sure Vandy fared much better

Glad Vandy won I can’t stand OM! I have hated them since the 1960 football game! The famous Tommy Bell game!

I was hoping they would have played about 18 innings and totally depleted the benches and the game ended about 3am!
I can’t stand either team! The home plate umpire screwed Miller with Bleday at the plate he didn’t call a strike on one pitch, the next pitch exact same location and he called it a strike. You put that first pitch in the book and a stoke and the inning is over! The home plate umpires have been poor in the SEC all season!

Very true, and it will have an effect especially this upcoming weekend…