Ole Miss vs UCA

Great post, Superhog1.

It is, or should be, really SIMPLE: nothing to gain and everything to lose. File next to dumb in the file folder.

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I think some of you are intentionally missing the point. I would never advocate playing in-state teams in lieu of playing ranked teams. Of course the games against the “big boys” are more exciting and desired. Those are the games I want to see too. I just don’t get what ya’ll are afraid of by scheduling in-state. I guess you would rather watch us feast on the likes of Delaware St., NC A&T, or…name your cupcake. As far as ASU, I would never offer them again if they turned us down, but UALR, UAPB, and UCA (also cupcakes) don’t scare me in the least, and those games do interest me. But, I know when I’m beat, so I’m not gonna argue this topic anymore. GO Hogs!

No big deal. Playing in-state schools is about filling up hard-to-fill opponent slots inexpensively and on-the-quick. Most of the time, the slots will be mid-week games. Sometimes, they may even be exhibition games at the start of the season. UAPB, UALR or UCA may show up in basketball or soccer preseason.

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