Ole Miss vs UCA

Tough turnaround for the Bears (UCA version), playing Saturday night then again tonight in Oxford. Ole Miss I think is going to be pretty good, and the UCA team is probably still tired, but the game is not close in the first half. Ole Miss is whipping them much easier than the Hogs did.

Well, now after watching the game, I think we handled UCA better than Ole Miss did.

Ole miss only won by 14, 68 to 54 I think.

Yeah, OM turned UCA over 22 times and only won by 14. OM was awful shooting the ball at 33%. UCA was better than I anticipated. Bergerson is a player.

I still don’t get the animosity on this board for playing other in-state teams. It’s ridiculous. The U of A will always be what any national sports fan thinks of when they think about Arkansas. There is not another program in the state that will EVER change that. Save on travel, and play the other state schools. They are NO threat to us. I just don’t get the clutching of the proverbial pearls about playing the other schools in the state. Personally, I was more interested in playing UCA than I would have been playing someone like Alcorn State. If we aren’t going to play a big time national opponent, why not play the Arkansas schools? I’ll hang up and wait for y’all to tell me what an idiot I am.

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My feelings about playing insrate schools are mixed. Probably OK to play one occasionaly. Too many cupcakes can make you fat though. Regardless, you are certainly entitled to your opinion.

Actually I’m okay with in state other than ASU. Mainly because of some fans of the pink puppies that are annoying. But I’ll not get upset one way or the other.

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The hogs just need to tighten up on D!
75 points was too many to give up! You can’t depend on scoring 100 points to win every game.
Ole Miss was horrible shooting but they played defense. Schuler can score and create problems and he’s their best reliable man at the free throw line to end games. If the hogs fail to show up to play on game day they can get beat by anyone. Ole Miss is a cellar sweeper this season.

We beat UCA by 25 and Ole Miss beat them by 14. Good defense isn’t how many pts. you give up it’s point differential. For example Iowa beat Southern by 27, but gave up 76 pts. Southern had 38 at halftime! The Hogs beat them by 35 and held them to 44 overall pts. Iowa is rated #3 in the nation. Muss wants to speed up some games and to play slower other games depending on who they are playing. UCA shot lights out the first half and we still beat them by 25. Opponents style of play can also dictate how you play defense and what the final score is. Another example would be Arkansas beat North Texas 69-54 and West Virginia beat them 62-50 and West Virginia is rated in the top 10. Muss was satisfied with beating UCA 100-75, but the critics are complaining.

No disappointment from me so far, other than the lack of quality competition. It’s not the team’s fault about who they’ve played. Louisville and Oklahoma were supposed to have already been played, so we’d know a lot more about the team. Really apprehensive about the conference schedule. Who knows yet how good we really are. In 2 weeks we will know a lot. Auburn, Missouri, and Tennessee right out of the gate

No question about that tjd63. Due to Covid changes in our schedule and losing some real tough opponents we only know that we have some good talent, but it will do us a lot of good playing against conference opponents. That will give our coaching staff an even better idea of how our new team will respond when faced with adversity and playing on the road. I still believe that we’ll be very competitive and I look forward to seeing our team progress. The polls will take care of themselves as long as we take care of business in conference play.

You cannot gauge anything like with these easy games. There is so much experimentation going on with the lineup, end game scenarios, etc that Muss is practicing. Once they get a lead, Muss switched to practice mode and he is teaching and running plays. One game he was practicing the final shot of the game for the last 7 or 8 minutes every play was being treated like it was the last play of the game with the clock running down. As a result the scores are getting skewed and don’t hold a lot of meaning as to how capable we are if we are playing a full 40, until we play against top competition STATISTICALLY we won’t really know how good we are.

It appears to me that the coach is using non-conference exactly what they were designed to do, determine roles and experiment. Looks like the experiments work at times and other times they do not. He’s learning his players. And, there is a lot of new to learn. I know he hates that they couldn’t go to Tulsa and have a true road game before conference play starts.

Yeah no doubt we will not be playing more than 8 in the SEC.He is fine tuning things and looking to see which ones he can count on to take care of the ball and get in your face defensively.

You must be new to the boards & new to the arguments. They’ve been hashed over for years. You’re entitled to your opinion, but people such as John Barnhill, Frank Broyles, & Bobby Dodd thought otherwise. Those of us who don’t like it are not “clutching our pearls.” We have a different view of what is best for the program. You can disagree, but you should respect the idea that others think differently.

And tonight, they are playing Miss St. I think they are worn down, but they started off looking very good. I think they just lack depth. But, as Matt has stated, they will do very well in their conference.

I’ve got no pearls. I’ve got a UCA letter jacket hanging in my closet and still wondered why the game was being played. But I didn’t go to sleep worried about it either. I’m old. I don’t worry about such things any more.

I heard on the radio today that Harrison Ford is going to do the Indian Jones movies again. He’s 78. You aren’t old.

My dad turned 70 this year and he pretends to be old, too. Guess that whole medicare, social security gets everyone.

I’m 70 and I don’t pretend to be old, I’m still the 20 something guy in my mind working out everyday, and I don’t really see the white hair on my head and in my beard. I grew up in Springfield and went to school at SMS and Mizzou, but have lived in Fayetteville longer than anywhere else. I follow both remotely, curiosity on what Petrino can do for the Bears, and Mizzou, well I’m from Missouri, but I turned Hog from the Eddie Sutton and Lou Holtz days. When I was in Columbia, Saturday football wasn’t that big a deal.


Jeremy, you aren’t an idiot.

It’s just that many of us are amazed at the enthusiasm among some for these games. As I mentioned before, there are some more interested in how the Razorbacks match up against UCA and ASU than Kentucky and Florida. This I still feel is driven by the media, and some hardcore folks that believe that their programs instate will be improved at the expense of the Arkansas program over time.

As was stated, Arkansas scored 100, and won, but “didn’t meet expectations.”

In addition, ASU apparently didn’t want to play Muss, and yet, I didn’t see any statewide media person call them out for it. Yet, we will hear more about “I think they should play” again I’m sure from the same bunch.

I am a UA supporter, but when the day comes that UA is more interested in competing with ASU, UCA, UALR, Champions College, Central Baptist, Williams Baptist, and Crowley’s Ridge College than the SEC then I will save some of my money I contribute to the program.