Ole Miss vs. Florida

One of the worst halves of basketball I’ve ever witnessed. Wow.

What channel is it on?

SECN+ on Hulu

Which team do we want to emerge victorious in this wretched game? Ole Miss I guess. If Rebs win tonite, maybe they’ll be less desperate to get a win Wednesday nite.

Fla is right on Arkansas tail at 3-3 in conference play. A win tonight would tie it up at 4-3. OM is 1-5. So I’m pulling for OM, knock Fla down to 3-4, create a little separation.

In these games where I don’t care for either team, pull for the one whose win would most benefit the Hogs.

Yeah, hope Ole Miss can hold on and win. Up 5 right now.

I tend to be more concerned about what we do, rather than what the other teams do. If we play really good basketball, what other teams do against each other won’t matter so much.

Yeah, if we were at the top of the standings it wouldn’t matter what other teams do as long as we keep winning. Unfortunately we’re in the middle of the pack with a lot of other teams, so a lot of these conference games affect our standing in the conference.

Where we finish in conference does have an impact on post-season seeding, both in the conference tourney and the big dance if we make it in. And of course seeding makes a difference on post season match-ups.

It’s at about this point in the season where I start paying attention to conference standings and where we are in them. It does make these other conference games a little more interesting to watch, have an idea who you want to win.

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Florida’s perimeter shooting looks worse than ours. They also gave up 48 points in the 2nd half. They do not look like an NCAAT team tonight.

Ole Miss is probably better than their record, but they’ll still probably finish somewhere around 10-13 in the conference. If we play at least as good as we have the past 5 games we will win Wednesday.

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Ole Miss should get tired about halftime.
I’m proud they won tonight and put Florida down to 4-3. It will be a dog fight but our hogs should win.

FLA is at 3-4 now. There’s a 3-way tie for 5th in the conference standings with ALA, ARK, TENN all at 4-3. If FLA had won it would have been a 4-way tie, but instead they dropped three spots.

Now that makes the ALA-UGA matchup tomorrow night of interest. Gonna pull for the Dogs to pull off the upset, make it a 2-way tie.

Ole Miss is better than their record suggests. Ruffin is a nifty looking PG.

Be interesting to see what Muss does to attack that 1-3-1 zone. Ole Miss plays a lot of zone D.

The hogs will have to make a few outside shots! Also attack the middle and get to the free throw line with the ball. Get a few shots to fall and it will work out. If the hogs turn the punkin over like it’s a hot potato it could be a long plane ride home. Ball security will be key.

3 games in 96 hours will do that

Ole Miss plays a lot of zone regardless. We’ll see how Arkansas attacks it.

The rebounding should be tilted in the hogs favor! Those Ole Miss legs will be tired by halftime. Run them hard the first half and if the hogs have a lead it could be over quick in the second half.
Just don’t allow the Rebels to hang around.

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