Ole Miss vs Arkansas, SEC tournament

you’re right Bore! 3 of the last 4 games we have scored 2 runs or less and only have 2 today but just got a big hit by Kenley!! who picked up Kjertad who took a FB right down the middle for 3r strike got the lead back hopefully can add some more. 4-3 lead

Clutch hit by Kenley. Now mo is back in our dugout.

I keep hearing we’re a lock for an 8 seed, but I still think we need to win at least one game in this tournament to secure ourselves something really high. Don’t want to go 0-2.

I agree NEA 2 and que won’t look good IMO…just need to win today!

come on Cody! hope you are on! being a former infielder helped them there great play!!! now lets get some runs going to be tough on this guy he made us look bad at home with that big CB.OM tried to give us one .Need Ezell to get going again hitless the last 3 games.

We need to pad this lead in the 7th. I’m just not confident we can hold them to 3 runs.

Casey with yet another error on routine ball smh and then a hit batter trying to set them up to get the lead back…

Casey can sure make some bad throwing errors. Now with that HBP they have the two leadoff batters on.

Guess our pitchers don’t like when Ole Miss crowds the plate

alright Cronin! what you got big boy! we need you! got the K!! now we need some insurance!!

Cronin has got to get us out of this inning without allowing a run.

And there you go!


Goodheart. Good to get that lead off hit. We need him to score.

1st and 2nd no out with Kjerstad and Kenley got to get something here!!

speed kills!! washington can fly!!! big run! love that guy! need to get one more out of this! but we don’t!

It was a great call to pinch run. Now if we can get another run or two, we’re in really good shape.

Cronin got the top of the order to go through been sitting a long time …come on man don’t need any drama!

two down. Now let’s get this last out without letting anyone on base.

that’s what I’m talking about! what a great hook! blew em away!! Great win!!! we can play
much better!! but we needed this one!!! WPS!!

It was a very big win. Maybe we were already a lock for a top 8 (or better) seed, but this puts a double lock on it & might get us a slightly better seed. If we can beat UGA tomorrow, we’ll be flirting with a 3 seed.