Ole Miss vs Arkansas, SEC tournament


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Well, hogs strike first. Nice to have an early lead even if it is just 1-0. Of course, we did that last week against A&M and that was where we stopped.

Yeah off to a good start, wicklander a little shaky control but worked out of it.

Franklin was safe!! Can’t believe we didn’t look at that

yep. On the replay it showed he was clearly safe.

Just another bad break. I can’t believe he never tries to bunt for a hit!

Got a run out of that better than nothing…

Franklin? He has not bunted very well when asked to do it this year.

You are right about that! He sure won’t improve not doing it. Martin could bunt for a hit anytime.

just flat out gave them 2 run there! we do a terrible job of holding runners close at 2nd base!! has happened 3-4 times this yr.bad decision by Kjerstad allows the guy to go to 2nd and then to 3rd. Bats better wake up!!havent really hit a ball hard all day other than Franklin…

It all falls on Wicklander walking the 9 hole hitter than is below the Mendoza line! After the 8 hole hitter singled!

Hope we win but we seem to be limping in. 3 strikes and can’t find ball then ball of copps. 1st and 2nd no out for them. Runners now at 2nd and 3rd 1 out.

:evil: :evil: we are snakebit against these guys!! get on base on a K and ball that would have been a DP hits off the pitcher…thats how they have beat us 9/12 :evil: :evil:

errors & screw-ups. frustrating. And the guy we struck out scored

Have I mentioned that I despise the rebnecks?

Come on guys starting hitting the ball this guy don’t have @!@!@!@ and we got 3 stinking hits in 5 they about to bring in pitchers that are way better than he is pretty soon!!

It isn’t just bull pen woes, it’s the offense not helping them out.

One can never say it enough. I hate 'em, too. We have given them all 3 runs.

Just terrible finding different ways to let Ole Miss take the lead. Bad breaks some but the K was just stupud Optiz should have looked down around his feet he sure wasn’t throwing him out from the back stop. The ground ball off Knopps was just bad luck.
Score some darn runs. Heston takes a ball right down broadway for strike 3!