Ole Miss vs. Arkansas CWS semifinal game 2

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I was going to suggest that myself!

Wasn’t sure they could, but don’t buck trends

Yea, if you can’t be the away team, at least wear the road grays.

Ah. Superstition in baseball. Can’t beat it.

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I’m not superstitious but the lucky Hog jersey will be worn. It’s served me well (except 1 game). Baseball superstition don’t count as regular superstition. That is my story.


As my Arizona State fan friend always says, it’s bad luck to be superstitious.

I’m wearing my baseball earrings, my GSP necklace, my watch is set to the Hog Memoji, and I have on a Ribby tee shirt. I don’t think that I’ve forgotten anything.


Let’s go guys, we can do this

DeLucia has pitched on 5 days rest or shorter six times and has not been the same pitcher

24 IP 22 hits 14 ER 6 HR , so hopefully we can have similar results.


I’m kinda stitious, not superstitious. Wearing the same shirt I wore for the Saturday game at Chapel Hill. Of course I also wore it for OM1, so there’s that.

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I’ve got my same shirt on, even walked my same route this morning. So bring it on!!

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My buddy texted me after the game DO NOT WASH THAT JERSEY………

Phil and Bubba on the app :heavy_check_mark:
Live stats on the laptop :heavy_check_mark: (stats run a few seconds ahead of both video and audio)
ESPN2 with the sound muted :heavy_check_mark:

My friend in Omaha got off work early and is at the ballpark. He said the Chuck will be about half-full due to the early start.

Wearing my Outback Bowl hat !! It’s been a winner

DVH says it’s all hands on deck, even if it’s for a hitter or two. Including Tygart.


:bell: :bell: :bell:

Exactly what I do.


My wife calls him The Potted Plant because of that stance



It seems that the umpires are wearing the powder blues today, the Rebnecks are not.

This first inning is huge!! We cannot let them get off to a running start…
Hopefully Connor will be mixing his first pictches up, he likes to throw that first pitch fastball, they will be ready for that.


Just keep hittin em to Battles!