Ole Miss Uniforms

Why do teams change their colors? OM colors are navy blue and red. Look at their football and basketball uniforms and you will see, but in baseball they are baby blue and red. As Bubba Carpenter said, they look like Smurfs!

Baby blue baseball unis are a retro thing. Many MLB teams used BB in place of traditional grey road unis In the 70’s. Everything new in sports unis is old. 80’s Astro rainbow unis were very popular unis for high schools in my area this year.

Just don’t like them!

Hopefully , ole miss will wear them again Sunday, they can have the same results in them as they did Sat.

OM will be the home team tomorrow and will probably wear their home whites. For Monday, I’m guessing they’ll either go back to the baby blues or the navy jerseys.

Hopefully , we win Sunday and won’t play Monday.

Or just go back to Oxford.

Their football helmets were powder blue for years and years and they still occasionally wear them

They only added the navy blue in the last few years or so

I hate ole miss but luv the luv ya blue unis

I think they wear the light blue helmets on the road and the navy blue at home. For some reason they wore white helmets at WMS last year, but here’s what they wore at RRS in '16:

Deja blue.

Yep. Ole Miss’ helmets were powder blue throughout (at least) the '80s and most of the '90s.

Matt, the image isn’t showing up. I looked at your URL and not sure why it’s not working, except that onehub.com may require a login.

Strange. I changed out the photo. I bet it shows up now.

It does.