Ole miss trolling HY... ouch

Notice the smoke…

I doubt this is directed to HY

They probably don’t know anything about Hunter doing it before.

They probably think they are being clever

They also probably think their entire state isn’t a laughingstock. We say thank God for Mississippi for a reason.

Who’s the laughingstock in this moment?


He who laughs last laughs best

it is an absolute smackdown, middle finger, to HY and the UofA.


Are you really concerned about what the Mississippi inbreds are tweeting? Dude…

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Yeahp… salt to the wound

God I hope HY proves he’s not completely messing this up

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if you don’t think this is directed straight at HY read this …

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No not Mississippi people, but national people, yeah.

This search has been a giant embarrassment from the media, so far. Only HY can fix that, but he’s deathly quiet right now.

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