Ole Miss to Atlanta this year?

I had a nightmare, and this was it. There is a decent chance Ole Miss whips Bama Saturday and goes on to win the West. They get the monkey off their back finally after all the years since Archie left school in the 60’s. AD Keith Carter extracts the maximum revenge from his home state of Arkansas after stealing Kiffin from us at the 11th hour. Can it be? Please tell me no, it cannot be.

I have never rooted for Alabama like I will this Saturday. Does Lane Kiffin put it on the little man for his revenge? Tune in. I can’t watch.

I think they did us a favor by “stealing” Kiffin

We got the coach we need


IMO, OM has little to no chance of winning Saturday. Saban got a gift with they way his defense played against FL in the 2nd half of that game. He will have his team’s, and especially his defense’s, full attention, bolstered with all the media hype about OM’s offense. I actually think a “beat down” could happen to OM.

I’m not sure that is good for the Hogs the following week though. They will either have their psyche crushed (good) or just be mad as hell (bad) and ready for some Razorback blood.

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I do t see Ole Miss hanging with Bama in this one. Bama D will pressure and confuse Coral and Bama will score on Ole Miss. much like I thought of Aggies before the game yesterday, I don’t think Ole Miss has played none good this year.

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I think the Bama Ole Miss game will be very interesting. Ole Miss moved the ball at will on Alabama last year, and it was obvious for much of the game that the Tide had no idea how to stop them. Alabama finally got control and won 63-48. It was one of the most entertaining games of the year.

I think it could be a similar type game this year if the Rebels avoid turnovers, but we’ll see. The Ole Miss defense seems to be better this year, but Alabama will be a huge test.

I’m no Ole Miss fan, by the way. But their offense is very similar to the Briles offense, just probably a little ahead of where ours is for now. (It certainly was last year.) We have different types of quarterbacks right now, but I doubt any of us think our offense has reached its potential yet. I wonder if seeing them is a preview of what ours may become if we start to really hit on all cylinders. (It may not be a perfect comparison, though, since we’ve seemed to back off the tempo that Briles likes so much.)

I’m calling a 52-24 victory for Bama over Miss. Miss still has a lot to prove about their identity in all of this. To be honest, I don’t think their defense holds up.

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I don’t get all the love for Ole Piss on this board. Saban remembers that Kiffen lit him up last year (in a loss), and he will deliver the appropriate beat down this year. In the words of 90’s muse, Shania Twain, Ole Piss, “don’t impress me much.” You still gotta play defense in this league, and I’ll be very disappointed if we don’t whip that a$$. I’m sure Catalon and Mo Brown are licking thier chops for that game. Ole Piss in Atlanta…no way in hell. Go Hogs!


@j_hawg No it can’t be…… :wink:

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Chris Doering said flat out on SEC Final that Ole Miss would win. Gene Chizik also talked about it being a strong chance. Like you, the last thing in the world I want is OM to Atlanta. They’ve never been & I like it like that. Unfortunately, I’m afraid they could do it. They play the same schedule we do except—and it’s a big except—they don’t play UGA. They get Vandy instead of Mizzou. They get TN instead of UGA. They have a strong advantage over everyone else if they get by Bama.

I don’t know how good they are, but they’ve looked good so far.

Let’s say Ole Miss upsets Bama, then plays us, and, in the great tradition of the Hunter Heave, we burst their bubble for them----------------------------again. Works for me like it is our destiny to do that to them on a regular basis.

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Dunno what the outcome of the game will be…but I think that it will be a very competitive game and the winner maybe who makes the last score….should a great game to watch.

Ain’t happening. I have a hard time pulling for Bama, but will have no hard time at all in this one. ROLL TIDE!

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I would like Bama to win by 28 points.

I don’t think OM plays Georgia Tech in Atlanta this year, because that’s the only way they’ll be there in football in December.

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I don’t get the Ole Miss love around here either. I hate them the way I hate Texass! . I hope Bama delivers a beat down of epic proportions and Ole Miss is still feeling physically whipped when we play them.


I am sure no prognosticator, and I haven’t seen that much of either team, but seems from their DNA that, while likely an exciting game, the depth and physicality of Bama would give them an edge. Ole Miss certainly has talented playmakers and should have some shock type plays that hit big, but not sure that even on offense the Rebel line play won’t put Corral in some bad play situations. I also don’t foresee the Rebel defense holding up that well.

I loathe OM. It’s not out of love I’m saying anything positive about them. Unfortunately, I’m afraid they might be very good. I’m not a sophisticated enough observer to tell how good, but people like Chizik and Doering are high on them, so I’m worried they’re right. We flummoxed Corrall last year. Don’t know if we’ll be able to this year.

Corral opened his mouth and provided Bama bulletin board material.

Note to Hogs: never provide Bama bulletin board material.

I do expect a good game. I do expect Bama to win in the end. I do expect UA to play OM well, also.

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I’m happy we have Coach Pittman. I don’t want the junk that goes along with the Lane train on the hill!
The Hogs made the best hire across the board. Sam Pittman was a hog fan way before he began his coaching career! He is one of us!

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Bama’s defensive line did not play well that game. Neither did the linebackers and safeties. The plan was to play a two and three front and cover the pass. Kiffin ran it. I bet Nick tries to stop the run this time. Anyway, that’s what those who know him think.