Ole Miss start time....?

I will be in Fayetteville Oct 15 for some soccer games with my daughter.
Any thoughts on the potential start time?


TBD…will probably be announced on Sunday (10/9)

It will probably be announced later this morning. CBS could use its 6-day option again, but that’s unlikely; it only has two (I think) such options all year, and doesn’t want to waste both by mid-October.

Based on the matchups that day, I think Arkansas-Ole Miss will be the night game on ESPN. Alabama plays Tennessee that day. CBS should pick that game up, meaning it would be the fourth straight week the Vols would be on the CBS broadcast.

The only reason I think the 6-day option could be considered is because Tennessee and Alabama are both playing ranked teams on the road this week. If both were to lose, then their game because much less intriguing the week after. It’s a similar scenario to last Saturday when Tennessee and Texas A&M were both on the road.