Ole Miss smells blood in the water.

Leading 2 to 1 over Bama right now.
I know they will probably share the West Championship,
But they will still have the series win to gang over our heads.
Not a done deal yet

The hogs let this Georgia series go by not making the plays. Forget about it! It’s water under the bridge.

We have failed too many times to make the key plays on the road. I loved our chances to at least tie it up with HK’s lead off double. Then the WP gift to third I felt almost certain we’d at least make them bat in the 9th, but as has happened so many times this year, a runner on 3rd with no outs doesn’t mean that much for us.

I sitll think we’re a top 8 seed, but I hate being the 4 seed at Hoover. The good newes is we’ll face somebody’s second night starter. No team in the SEC can be taken for granted down there. LSU has our number & if we win, our second game is against UF. Of course, I don’t know who the 5-12 seeds will be. I gess we won’t know until later tonight.

We just got outplayed in all facets of the game. Pitching, (for the most part. Just a few bad pitches resulting in some solo and some multiple run homers), hitting, and HR’s.