Ole Miss signs more guys than we, how?

The NCAA is a joke. Ole Miss was to lose 12-13 scholarships and now they sign more guys this week than we. How does that work? Why any team follows the rules is just amazing to me. Ole Miss never lost a beat after their mild sanctions. Academic fraud, paying players and having a program just completely out of control…and they lose only 12 scholarships and now can sign more than we did. Why any school follows these weak guidelines and rules is something I don’t understand.

Dudley, Richard or anybody…how can this work?


The restrictions were over as far as number of signees for this class. They self imposed two years ago and then had a reduced number this past season. I don’t know how many in the 31 got scholarships, but you can announce preferred walk-ons who sign a letter of intent. Arkansas did that Wednesday.

Thanks, Clay. It would be interesting to see how many athletes Ole Miss has signed versus Arkansas during the 2017, 2018 and 2019 signing period or at least since the NCAA handed down the sanctions on their sorry butt.

Clay, I detest Ole Miss as much as you dislike Texas, so you can see I have no love for that bunch. The boys over at Mississippi State say the recruiting misdeeds have been going on since the days of Johnny Vaught, but they have to be mindful of the Jackie Sherrill era themselves.

I know Arkansas has had some issues in the past with the NCAA, but for the most part those violations were small potatoes compared to what has gone on over in Oxford. If our program had been as corrupt as Ole Miss, we would have never dug out from the hole the NCAA would have throw us into.

The same way Arkansas could have signed 29 this season, they had spots left over from last season.

Ole Miss has 12 early enrollees, which they obviously had space for after the sanctions.

Ole Miss went from 10-3 to 5-7, 6-6 and 5-7 during the sanctions so I do think it hurt the program

I think it is fine to hate other programs. But, no, we are not the cleanest and others are not all cheaters. In any human procedure there are some who cheat when possible. And folks, college football is big money.

Money is the reason these teams who cheat don’t get hammered. It is why the NCAA looks the other way in basketball and football. The NCAA didn’t want to damage a team like Auburn who was in the process of winning a National Championship with an obviously ineligible Cam Newton.

If you really look and examine what was going on over in Oxford, they should have lost 20-25 scholarships. They almost won an SEC Championship when they threw the rules out the window under the Hugh Freeze regime. Only Hunter Henry’s heave saved injustice from occurring. Ole Miss tried and failed, but only by a miracle. They had the West won and probably an SEC Championship over a mediocre Florida team, but in this case, justice did prevail.

I understand why Ole Miss did it. They have been a non-factor in the SEC since Archie Manning left, almost 50 years ago. They have languished in the SEC, so they said to *&^% with this, we are going to win no matter what. It almost worked.

I surely agree that Cam Newton should never have played another down after he was kicked off the one team for stealing if I remember correctly.

It was a student’s computer he later sold I believe at Florida State… then his religious preaching father sold him for $170,000 to Auburn. Even when the father admitted taking the money the NCAA never suspended him (it blew up before our game at Auburn which we would have won going away without him).

No, Cam started out at Florida (under Urban Meyer). Go figure.