Ole Miss QB out for the year

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The back up is a real threat running the ball, but looked pretty raw against LSU. His decision making in the passing game is probably where you exploit him, but he is going to be a real headache on RPO stuff, just the kind of QB who has given us fits forever. They still have a lot of big, fast good WRs, but their running game is pretty pedestrian.

Ole Miss run defense is awful, so assuming the Hogs actually show up and the HC does not get fired this week, this may actually be (gasp!) a winnable game.

Whoever the Ole Miss back up is doesn’t really matter. He will be the latest incarnation of John Elway when he plays against our Defense.

Ole Miss is my least favorite team in the SEC but I admire Patterson. He and his family seem to be good folks. Hate it he was injured.

It’s tough being a QB in the SEC…especially if your line is subpar.

Shea Patterson is a talent. We wlil have a much better chance of winning Saturday with him gone. He would have torched our poor defense.

We will only lose by 10 instead of 20. I expect one more win from this bunch. And then just wait for the ASU people to compare scores.

Your attitude is pathetic!.. We can beat OM/Coastal Carolina/Mizzou…THAT puts us at 5 wins…pull one out vs MSU @ home and we go bowling & CBB retains his job!..

get rid of our offensive line coach our strength coach our offensive cordinator our offensive lne needs to lose weight get some strenght and quickness so they can block better our offensive cordnator wants a quarterback that only can pass and nothing else we need a quarterback that can run and pass and make good decisions

also we need to get rid off the recruiting cordinator

Man it would sure be tough to work for you I guess you enjoy firing people. I have never taken any enjoyment out of firing people.
In this case there are a few that needs to pack. It may not happen Mike in Dallas may be right.

We have a solid chance at a 2 game win streak that will help heal some hearts and bodies before we go to LSU. Guice is back and healthy which makes them good again.

Bama could take care of that.

That is a very good point. Bama has beaten up LSU for us a lot. Bama could get to Etling a bunch