Ole Miss Pursuing Sam Carter…

Dudley you think Ole Miss fans wouldn’t get after him?

Also, lots of misses on the recruiting front by Sam Carter…. Let’s call like it is…. Sure he got visits , which is more then Ashley did, but he struggled to close….

Seems to be lots of smoke around issues with Carter…

To heck with “he said”, “you said”, “they said”, or what did or did not happen before. It is what it now is. My interest is who is the new coach and what does he bring to the table. On to the next, and Go Hogs!


I remember a game in 2020 when we called a time out during a punt return. The camera showed a sideline shot and Carter was screaming at Grant Morgan about something. Carter had a mask on but it was obvious he was dressing him down. Grant stood there and and took it. Pittman was standing and watching Carter and Pittman put up his hand in front of Carter to tell him to stop. Pittman then went and said something to Morgan. Morgan never seemed like the type that needed to be yelled at to get motivated. If that was how Carter was treating the players, I can see how there could have been a problem for some of them.

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Coaches scream. Sometimes they go too far. How they recover from that is as important as the fact it happened.

Thank goodness my HS baseball coach jumped up by backside a time or two. He inspired me to work harder. My son has said the same thing about a travel ball coach. Coach lit him up, and then two minutes later walked up, hugged him, and said he loved him. My son would run through a brick wall for him. Sometimes you have to get their attention, but if that is all you have…it wears out quickly.

Note, too, that if everyone else on the sideline is calm and your DB coach is busting a lugnut, stroking out, then that disrupts the entire sideline. He was a new coach - he has to learn that stuff.

sources are adding up, now the Clarion Ledger is reporting it

if Catalon stayed because of Carter then he can go portal and not miss a beat even if is in school at AR this semester. Good enough to play wherever he wants. That is the only fear that I have for losing Carter.

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Odom is Catalon’s position coach, not Carter.

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Was Carter & Ashley close buddy’s ?

Has it even been mentioned for consideration that maybe the rumored tension between multiple players in our secondary with coach Carter might’ve prompted Sam to put out feelers and look around?

Maybe a fresh start was needed there to clear the air so to speak would actually make more sense than going to Ole Miss unless Carter just wanted to get out from under Odom.

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Of course they will.

Not saying that.

I offered up the only two reasons I thought he might leave.

As part of my job, I talk to a lot of recruits and players and families.

I rarely had to bring him up because they did.

That tells me how much they liked, respected and appreciated him.

I also am not holding him up as the best person or coach ever.

But I talked with him and players last week and - as I said earlier - I thought the criticism was overdone.

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Thoughts on Chase Lowry’s dad’s comments? Said all of the negative stuff on message boards, Twitter, etc. was true - it had a role in players leaving, his son was thinking of transferring strictly because of Carter, multiple other CBs were considering it, his son said Carter made football a miserable experience, etc.

Like I said, listening to it was an eye opening experience for me as I had been skeptical of the things being said and written about Carter.

Jackson - thanks for asking on this as I had heard about it as well and yes, very eye opening! Lots of other stuff starting to come out as well but won’t post it on here.

I was incredibly hard on my players when they did something wrong but was first one there to pat them on the back when they did it right ,there has to be a balance, have to see that you are fair with them or they will never respect or play exceptionally hard for you.JMO


Most coaches are hard on players. I know mine were. But I always knew they had my back and always praised the good things. I promise I was pretty cocky and temperamental at that time. Deserved any and all punishment or a… chewing i received.
It’s a fine line for respect on both sides especially at certain levels. In this day and age I wouldn’t have a clue on the mentality of athletes.
But coaches have to know the boundaries I suppose.
That said I have no clue on Coach Carter or Coach Ashley situation or what took place.


Grant Cook offered up some fan behavior impact

impact both positive and negative is real, gotta be the same for coach so recently a player like Sam Carter.

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Toughest coaches I know are also quick to be just as loud with their love. I guess that is why they are so good.


I really think you have too bc nobody likes hear negativity all the time…they will shut down on you if you do.


I heard they were close friends. Also heard that we did NOT counter Carter’s offer.

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Because of the pandemic and the ensuing zooms, I have never met Chase Lowery or his family.

Obviously talked to Chase a lot during the recruiting process. Seems like a nice kid.

All that being said, I take everything anyone says - be it positive or negative - with a grain of salt and look to confirm situations with viewpoints from several people.

It has served me well in my 41 years in journalism. Not saying I’m right 100 percent of the time, but strive to research and present balance instead of clickbait.