Ole Miss Pursuing Sam Carter…

per Football Scoop.

Why would Carter even consider making that move?

Would be a massive loss if true. Saw else where where some person thinks it will happen… hope we can keep him, I don’t want to see it cause us to lose players.

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The only two reasons I can think of are $$$ and the way he was excoriated unfairly by some in the fan base over Foucha and Brooks.

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I believe that Sam is very close to Odom?

Dudley do you think they can offer more money than we can?? I wouldn’t think so but don’t really know

No clue

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That’s silly….if your skin is that thin then find another line of work.

It was over the top.

Certainly happens elsewhere, but he wasn’t employed elsewhere.

And reports indicate he has now been hired at Ole Miss


He has supposedly accepted the job… going to be very intersting to see what this does to current players

Damn it

Somebody on the staff needs to talk to Catalon, he said 2 weeks ago that Carter was the reason he was coming back

Never was eager for turnover, but with no offense to Carter, as a former HR Professional I always tried to view turnover as an opportunity to bring new skills and energy to the team. For some reason, I tend to think that Pittman will make something good come from this. Thanks Coach Carter, I appreciate your contributions to the turnaround.

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on3 and HawgSports have him hired and gone. IF SO, then I am glad that the semester has started and the portal signees are in school. His influence was not just limited to recruiting the secondary.

I dont consider it a done deal til Sam Carter announces it, bad coincidental timing for firing Ashley same day.

We are fortunate that the UA brand and Pittman’s name are hot these days. It should be easy to replace both Ashley and Carter. Unfortunately, both are AA and likely we need to replace both with AA coaches.

I like Keith Guthrie’s approach - this is an opportunity to hire better people. Or, maybe, hire a DL + DB together (ie, they work well together and don’t want to part company).

Anyone else remember (several times) that Sam’s words were invoked, “stay to get your raise” or something like that? I always felt it was Carter he was talking to. I am betting Carter is getting a big payday increase and Sam was not going to let that be leverage for a “too big” pay raise at UA.

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It’s a done deal

I’ve been skeptical critical of the comments towards Carter - sounded like a hatchet job.

That said, just listened to a live Twitter Spaces discussion that included Chase Lowery’s father (James) and he spoke up very forcefully and decisively. Said his son was miserable playing for Carter and all “of the negative stuff” that’s been out there about Carter was correct - several others were thinking about transferring, etc. He said his son said Carter “ was taking away the players love of the game.”

Eye opening.

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Assuming his leaving is true - Does everyone think that Sam would let that happen if he didn’t want it to happen? And this is Odoms guy! Why would he go to Ole Miss? BTW, it was CSP and Jimmy Smith that got Brini to come here. Just saying and not knocking Coach Carter in any way. But if he leaves us for the Ole Miss snake charmer then good fing riddance


I’m sure OM created available dollars for assistants when they lost their OC and replaced him with someone with with much less experience and a questionable resume for the OC job. They could probably use those dollars to overpay for a DB coach they thought was a big step up in recruiting. Maybe they gave Carter the old “asst head coach” title.

I just hope we don’t lose a DB or 2 to OM after this deal is done.

Based on what I’ve been told this afternoon, and sure it could be face saving, but I don’t think there are a lot of upset people at the Broyles Complex.

Carter ran hot and had multiple run ins not just with players but also his fellow coaches. It wasn’t heavily
publicized but he got into it on the sideline during games twice this season with analysts/GA’s. Didn’t treat them very well in general.

Doesn’t mean he wasn’t a good coach/recruiter but Pittman is very particular with culture and he wasn’t fitting with that culture.