Ole Miss Prediction

0-0 draw after 7 OTs Game called due to lack of interest. RRS crowd sounds like a golf tournament.


If there’s a crowd at RRS next week then they must be smokin something good


For sure, especially since the game’s in Oxford.:grinning:

I know I’d feel better if it were a home game … if we’re to win a SEC game this year, it’ll be the ole miss game. Right now, it’s a big if.

I’ve thought we had more of a chance in Little Rock against an overrated Missouri than in Oxford against an Ole Miss team trying to prove something.

JMO though

I think the Ole Miss game will be the most important game of the year, success or non success wise.

before we travel to Ole Miss, we need to see if we can beat UCA.

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Gotta see much more emotion, much more creativity on offense, (this includes the run game) much more risk taking and trust to do so. We need a passing attack not a passing game, we need a creative running attack not just a running game.

Hope to see a aggressive, risk taking, offensive attack. It’s where TD’s come from, and where trust and confidence is built. Can’t play scared or safe, you only develope fear. You can only develope in what you are ALLOWED to execute. Let them play! Play through mistakes, keep pushing. No reason to play Portland ST safe and scared, nor Ole Miss. Playing safe is playing scared. We played in the only fashion that would give Portland St any chance.

Attack Ole Miss, Attack them! Go beat them bad!

We can beat Ole Miss, if we are allowed to execute our capability and not our fear.

I’ll go Hogs 33 -13

Today either scared us to death and we go into a shell, or it taught us a lesson.

I’m going to assume the latter, and they realize we are far more capable than they allowed us to be.

Ole Miss is a HUGE game, maybe the biggest of the season. Time to open the playbook and go all in with full throttle, left lane, hammer down, full tilt boogie, razorfast! Do it!

Maybe the biggest of Coach Morris’ young tenure at Arkansas.

Not trying to be melodramatic, but a win there would be HUGE for us, given how we played last season and today. If we lose, it at least has to be a very competitive loss. You can bet that Ole Miss is hopping mad and we will have to withstand their intensity early.

The “good” news is that they have a LOT of pressure on their backs as well. Can you imagine, from an Ole Miss perspective . . . you just LOST to Memphis … . MEMPHIS . . . and now 2 win Arkansas comes in. This is a game THEY have been counting as a win without much thought all off-season. If they start poorly, their own crowd may turn on them. WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING AGGRESSIVE early to put them in a hole and let the pressure jump on their backs.

For a game between two “dogs” (from the national perspective), this is a very large game for the two participants.

Ole Miss… 22

Based on what I saw today, Ole Miss by 14.
And I can’t see more than 4 wins. And that is if we can beat CSU.

who’s gonna be the coach? it won’t be chad morris.

I’m very discouraged. I never thought we’d win more than 5, maybe 6, games this year, but I expected to name the score against Portland St. We looked inept.

I know it’s the first game, but PS is a bad team. I don’t pretend to know what we’re capable of doing, but we should have averaged 8 yds on ever off tackle play & been able to hit 10-15 yd passes at will against that team.

I’m not throwing in the towel, but I’m not at all optimistic about the OM game. I will say that if we win it, this game will be forgotten.

One other thing I’d like to add. I get sick of fans (there are 2 posting regularly since this game ended) who just say crap like, “Morris sucks” in 3-4 posts or essentially, “I told you so about Morris.” I guess I need to learn where the block feature is.

Again, too many people are looking at one game and predicting the whole season. Look at Mizzou and Tennesse, they lost to horribly inferior opponents last night, so do you think they’ll lose to every team they play?

I watched the Ole Miss/Memphis game. Memphis is a good team, but Ole Miss looked worse offensively than we did by a large margin. I’m not guaranteeing that will happen against us, but both teams are in the same boat for game 1.

I can see into the future and the I see Arkansas 31 and Ole Miss 9.

I think it will be a close game, fairly low scoring. If I bet on football games I would bet on OM, but we really need a win.

Well Ole Miss defense will be much better than Portland State. So if we only scored 20 on PSU, I think it will be worse against Ole Miss unless Boyd rushes for 200 yards. Think 20-10 Ole Miss

gashog hit the nail on the head. we play not to lose. passing attack we do not have one, yes we have a passing game. running game we have, attack no. we aren’t aggressive. let lunney start calling plays instead of craddock. but is morris too stubborn or loyal to an unproven offensive coordinator. goal is to beat the other team by SCORING more than them. Heck, Auburn let their freshman qb play through mistakes and he won the game for them. lastly, i see no excitement on the offensive side of the ball. Hicks might be the best qb but he doesn’t fire them up. no urgency at all on offense. very disappointed.

Ole Miss 31, Hogs 10

Defense will play hard but will give out because our offense will again fail to do its part. Ole Miss D will stuff our offense all day.

Hope I’m wrong …

Old Piss 21, Hogs 14. Defense has another strong showing, but wears down as our offense fails to move the ball in the second half. We give up a late touchdown for a Rebels win.

Well let’s see–Yesterday the Ole Miss offense looked anemic and our defense looked pretty good. Our offense did not look stellar against a lower tier team, and their defense certainly appeared better than their offense. Also, factor in that the game is our first away from home. I’ll make a shaky prediction of Hogs 21 to OM (whatever their mascot is at the current time) 20 as time expires on their final drive in Hog territory, leaving the few Arkansas fans in the stands and many watching on television with dirty drawers at the end.