Ole Miss player arrested

Charged with sexual battery. Already suspended; we’ll see if Joey Freshwater lets him come back.

The honeymoon for a lot of the fanbase ended when Coach didn’t prioritize being a resident of Mississippi and kind of delegated recruiting responsibility and hasn’t bothered to insert himself.

His agent really screwed things up and he doesn’t want this job (imo)

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That’s a tough charge, however, we all deserve a fair hearing. But it is Ole Miss so my justice is limited.

If true Williams should never see the field again. Anywhere.

Great … the photo accompanying the story is of him taking down a Razorback.


Did we dodge a bullet there?


I have no doubt we dodged a bullet. It’s possible Pittman will be a bust, but I don’t think so. I think we struck gold.

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No not really. He thought he was going to be the next coach at the University of Arkansas and his money hungry agent screwed the pooch.

He also realizes that his current employer (Ole Miss) with a decent Win/Loss record could springboard him to bigger and better things.

Again he could have stayed in post card pictureque Boca Raton, Florida in the middle of a 4 and 5 STAR transfer mecca here in Florida but the appeal of the SEC and redemption was to much of a pull.

FAU would have beaten a few SEC teams this past seasons (not exaggerating) something Arkansas accomplished only 2 times the last 3 years.

I am soooooooooo glad that we did not hire this clown to be our coach. enough antics at Tennessee alone, much less USC and Bama (getting fired right before the NC game and costing the team a title???) and then Joey Freshwater.

My opinion is that he was born on 3rd base, remains a spoiled brat who is really focused on himself, and would ditch a program like us or Ole Mrs the instant he got another job that he considered “more glamorous”.

I’ve been wrong a lot, and could certainly be now, as lots of folks mature late and do great things. But I’d be really surprised if we don’t all get to see him show his rear, and Ole Mrs get embarassed, over the next couple seasons.

just my .02


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gotta relay something funny on the tennessee 247 board. recently they had a defensive lineman kicked off team for something similar, in fact he struck a lady/possible girlfriend with the handle of a mug and cut her face. horrible and i feel sorry for her.

the funny part was a comment or two on their board:

Does this mean we’re back?
Good ole Fulmer days are back!

i got a chuckle out or that. Tennessee during Fulmers time was not a model program off the field.

Let’s not overlook his stormy tenure at Oakland & bad departure again due to insubordination & with controversy. He shows a repeated history of lack of maturity, poor judgement, & questionable morals. Everywhere he goes it does not end well, & OM may regret this choice. We were fortunate that HY stuck to his guns & did not compromise the values & the best interests of the UofA.

The Tennessee player who was kicked off the team was Emmit Gooden, who was committed to Arkansas until the change from Bielema to Morris.


Looks like we dodged a bullet there, too.

You recruit your own problems

I wanted Lane Kiffin, like many on this board and many around the state. Remember how crazy-excited fans were when we thought he was an Arkansas lock? I don’t ever remember being as pissed off about losing a coach as we did when we lost Kiffin. Well, I guess that is not true…losing Tommy Tuberville and hiring Houston Nutt was a gut punch to the state and to Orville Henry.

I agree 09. Tennessee has had a lot of off the field issues. Some were reported widely others kept fairly on the down low. Since I live in TN and one daughter graduated from UTK I’ve been exposed to some of this history. When Kiffin had his 1 year run at UTK his recruiting class was full of highly recruited players. Only a handful graduated and many left with off the field issues. And this trend followed the next 2 coaches.
I wanted ole Joey but I’m glad he has settled for a year or two in Oxford. We’ll see how that works out.

BTW - I believe Pruitt will clean up UTK and bring them back. But deep down I hope not. I hate orange.

Kiffin didn’t recruit and sign Sam Williams. Why is he to blame here, unless he reinstates him.

Not sure anyone blamed Kiffin or indicated that he signed Williams - just sharing our affections for OM & the likelihood that Kiffin at OM may evolve into a train-wreck as is his customary outcome at every job.

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Pruitt and UT will be an interesting watch, and I too hopes he falls on his face. I respect the fact that he has instilled a tougher mindset into their program, but I get the impression that he thinks he can run the program like Saban while not being Alabama or Saban. Will the kids let him treat them like crap, intimidate and run off some every year, and be able to call the shots at the University and in the town? He does not come across as real bright, or at least talks like he missed most of his English classes.

He does not come across as real bright, or at least talks like he missed most of his English classes.