Ole Miss penalties

The Clarion-Ledger is reporting Ole Miss’ NCAA penalty includes another year added to the bowl ban and scholarship reductions.

http://www.clarionledger.com/story/spor … 911869001/

I really should be ashamed of myself for enjoying their pain so much.

A good chunk of their fan base, by the way, wants everyone in the athletic department fired for cooperating with the NCAA and insists that Miss State’s cheating is much worse.

I should be ashamed, too…but I’m sure as hell not. :lol:

I bet there is some spill over into other programs from this.

How many total scholarship reductions?

Talk on their boards is that Patterson looking to transfer, possibly Michigan. The kid d that hired a lawyer before this news came out was released. Same lawyer has other kid defense retained. Doesn’t matter now w 2 yr bowl ban. From what I read an additional 13 scholarship reduction in addition to the 11 they had imposed on thems lives. But not sure on that. Show causes for at least 3 coaches. Not good.

Yep they lose 13 additional scholarships over 3 years in addition to the 11 scholarships over 4 years that they had previously self-imposed.

That’s pretty stiff. I don’t know if 1 year additional bowl ban is very much, however, the ability for kids to transfer can be big. If upper classmen who will miss a bowl this year & have no chance next year start transferring, OM could have some major consequences.

Certainly explains keeping Matt Luke on as the coach. He should invest the money he makes the next couple of years wisely, because his retention sure looks like they view him as a guy to keep the lights on until about 2020.

noticed that hugh freeze was to be suspended for 2 conference games as part of the penalities.is that part dropped or is matt luke to be suspended for those 2 games…other words was it freeze himself…or whomever the head coach is will have the suspension?

It appears only rising seniors will be able to transfer.

I’d bet that was personal to Freeze.

Only seniors but underclassmen kids are retaining lawyers saying they were misled. A real mess.

Those )$%$^*+$^%)$ got off light. 13 scholarships lost . What a joke …academic fraud, paying players, and whatever else. The NCAA has made it clear. It is not a problem to cheat. We need to cheat like crazy to keep up with these &@£¥)$ $&@£$&@. North Carolina had 0 penalties and Mississippi gets a wrist slap. I am shocked. The NCAA is a gutless bunch of pansies. Game on…bring out the cash and lots of it.