Ole Miss Passing Defense versus Arkansas Passing Offense

I’m suspecting this will be the key battle this weekend against the Rebs.

The following provides key passing stats from last weekend versus the prior season’s results:

The Ole Miss secondary played a great game against Memphis (and Memphis’ QB, White) while playing on the road. Last year White averaged a very good 150 passing efficiency, but he only produced a 114 rating on Saturday against the Rebs (playing at home). Importantly, Ole Miss’ only produced at a 148 defensive passing efficiency last year, so this [one game] comparison is impressive, and may highlight significant improvement for Ole Miss.

Rather Hicks threw for 127 rating last year while at SMU (76th nationally), but could only muster a meager 89.7 rating against lowly Portland State this past Saturday while playing at home.

Gonna be a long game unless Hicks can throw near a 130 rating this Saturday.

If Hicks doesn’t lead us to scores early, we’ll see Starkel, Starkel looked really good aside from that horrible INT.

I suspect we’ll need to score in the 30’s to stay in this game.


I think the key to attacking Ole Miss or really any defense is to get them on their heels. You have to throw on first down some you have to run screens, draws,reverses etc when they least expect. If you’re always trying to throw on 3rd and medium to long they’re going to have a chance to eat your lunch because they’re going to drop back into zones that are going to make you try to force the ball into tight places.play action on first down to me is a great play because most teams are expecting run on first down and you have a chance to catch them in a defense that is not very strong and will allow you to make a big play I think this will be a huge factor in the game we can’t just throw it on obvious passing downs and be successful

I thought we threw on first down too often against PS. (Well, actually I thought we had too many incompletions on 1st down against PS. Regardless, it sure seemed like we had a bunch of 2 & 10’s.)

I agree completely. However, it bothers me that he didn’t see the field at all in the 2nd half. Makes me wonder if CCM doesn’t really want to give Starkel minutes in a close game regardless of how Hicks is playing. I hope I’m wrong, because if Hicks isn’t on target and is playing like he did against PSt, we probably can’t beat OM unless our running game is devouring their defense.

ran on 1st down way more than passed.or sure seemed like it, either way it was such a vanilla game plan we didn’t throw much at them that had big play potential

For sure must mix it up on 1st and 2nd downs, keep them on their heels and not stacking the line. I tend to think we will see more movement of players once we come to the line. More formations and movement we didn’t see last week. MUST catch the ball better for sure!

Our offensive line is just not strong enough to deal with an SEC caliber defense. We are still about 2 years away on the offensive line. Defense will keep the game close for about 2 and a half quarters. But will give out being on the field most of the game. Ole Miss will open the flood gates. Ole Miss 35, Hogs 14.

Ole Miss will not score 35.

Never underestimate Arkansas’s unique ability to make even the most mediocre QB look like an All American.

Until proven otherwise, I will always worry about our D against a quick, running QB. I’ve got mixed feelings about whether we should all-out rush him or concentrate on containing him. He’s not a good passer and probably cannot beat us through the air.

I am pretty sure we can find away for him to beat us through the air or the ground for that matter. When have we stopped an SEC team’s offense. Of course, they will probably only have to score 7 to beat us.

Hope I am wrong, but will believe that until they “show me” otherwise and all they have shown for years is very, very poor and inept football.