Ole Miss offers Walker White

More info: Virginia offers '24 QB Walker White

RD….question here. Correct me if I am wrong but this young man looks to have a huge upside and is already really good with 2 more years to go. He could end up easily as a 4 star - correct? I know there is a TON of family connection here and hope it goes a long way for us down the road. Thanks.

If he continues to develop the next two years, he could easily be the high profile QB I thought he could be as a freshman. His size, speed and arm is there. The accuracy should improve.

Gonna be a tough year that class. Have white at LRCA and Busby at PA. Sophomore class in arkansas is absolutely loaded. Those the hogs don’t offer will play at other schools.

Thanks RD!

And if they don’t play at other schools, they hit the transfer portal. Quinn Ewers has already bailed from tOSU and he should still be in high school.

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