Ole Miss Offense-800+ yards!!

Unless that was a typo on the box score, Ole Miss put up 800+ yards of total offense with over 500 yards passing, ending with 70 points. Good news is that we may have an offense to give them a run. And, our defense is likely better than their defense. Can’t continue to shoot ourselves in the foot though.

they had 703 yds with 9 min left in the 3rd qtr so they could have had 1000. They are very good with the ball in their hands so if we are to beat them we need to control the ball and keep it away from them.Their Wrs are BIG guys and my worry is are we going to be able to tackle them.we will have to have adifferent gameplan than we did against Bama or they will light up the scoreboard.

I expect us to bring the house on the QB b/c they like to throw it deep and the OL not as good as Bama’s but if we don’t we will be in big trouble,we just aren’t good enough to cover them very long.

And look who they were playing sure wasn’t Bama!

Ole Miss’ offense looks really impressive against smaller conference teams. It looked very pedestrian against Alabama and LSU.

The Rebels’ defense is bad, probably the worst tackling team in the conference.

I think we will really try to pressure them and get him out of Rythym. I am kind of surprised we didn’t try that against Tua since it was obviuos we couldn’t cover them so might as well try to hurry him but we didn’t.I worry about us tackling their Big WRs the way we tackle.We need to jump out early and get them behind.

OM has a very good, perhaps even a near-great offense. However, they’re not in the same universe as the team we played last week. I doubt we can stop them completely, but I bet we can stop them some. We will just have to score a lot of points–against a D that isn’t in the same universe as Bama’s, either. I pretty sure OM is not as good as either Auburn or Tamu. We might not win, but for the first game in a while, I think we might. I understand OM is a 5.5 point favorite. Means Vegas thinks it’ll be pretty close.

Last year they got a big lead on us and we came back. Don’t remember details of the game other than I think we played max coverage and got a pick or two against them. Not sure I would blitz lights out and leave one on one coverage against those receivers. They will throw it up a lot and let their receivers make plays. I lexpect that quite a bit Saturday night. Should be interesting to see how Chavis decides to defend them. They have a good running back also and their qb can run it. Playing man and blitzing might leave some open running lanes for their qb.

it will be interesting for sure to see how we defend them

Alabama put pressure on the quarterback and played man coverage. I suspect we will try that, but it probably won’t work too well. We need to hit the quarterback and rough him up as many times as we can, so when we do pressure him…he might throw into coverage for an interception or two. Their receivers dropped a bunch of balls against Alabama…we might not be so lucky. Ole Miss’ strength is their deep passing game…our weakness is our safety play…not a good combo.

Chief is going to earn his pay this week.

I watched tape of the game last night.

They can throw and catch the ball really well and have 3 fantastic wideouts - all who would be leading Arkansas in catches if they were on the Razorback roster.

But it does help the defense - in this case a bad Louisiana-Monroe team that has won just 10 of its last 30 games - plays off and allows you to catch the ball.

You know, as Arkansas used to do.

Exactly. The defensive message pre-season was cover tight at the corners, rush hard from the DL with blitzes and pressure the QB to make mistakes. Give the QB time and you can get burned. We were very close getting to the QB a few times against Bama, but they have a very good O-Line and kept our guys off their QB. Maybe it will work this weekend. Would love to see a bunch of interceptions. Or, force their QB to scramble and bring some hits on him to make him think twice about that later in the game. We can’t take bad angles or miss tackles in this one.

Fixed it for ya. :wink: