Ole Miss observations (w/vid)

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Moses is a mystery to me. On the video at the end of the game, Moses blocks a shot under the basket, flies out to the corner to almost block a 3-point shot (came close to fouling the guy but the official correctly interpreted his fall as a flop) and then he just stands around as the shot is missed, scramble for the ball ensues, and finally an Ole Miss guy puts it back in for two and the game is over. During all of that, there is no one between Moses and the action under the basket, but he just struts around, never going in to help his team. He has done the same thing all season when he comes out high to screen, a shot is taken, and he never goes in to the basket to rebound, he just watches the shot go up and then strolls down the court to play defense. Sometimes, he plays great, but a lot of the time, he just stands around watching. The opposing coaches see this on film and that is why he ends up less respected than Saiz. I know, we won, he makes some great plays, but he could be so much better with consistent effort and more of Trey’s basketball IQ.

It was an off night offensively. We shot a better percentage on 3s than layups which is strange. Have to do better on offense tonight or Vandy will shoot us out of the gym again. I liked the defensive intensity though.

Playing devils advocate. I saw the same thing, and at first thought the same thing. However, after thinking about it I think he did the correct thing by staying out on the perimeter. At that point Ole Miss was around 7 seconds on the clock and you did not want them to get off a good look at a 3. I think he knew it was a scramble situation with little time left and he was going to defend the 3-pt line.

Swine you called it on the shooing. It may be they are just looking for whistles on those layups. Also Beard did not share the ball. Cook was wide open instead he goes in for a lost possession. A few minutes later Macon passed to Beard for a bucket. We passed up open 3’s to either get blocked in the lane or put up a wild prayer.
Mosses was short on some shots last night falling away instead of going to the hole. That could be from the offensive foul he had called on his turn! We just looked rusty. My thought why pass up open 3’s for contested 2’s!
We need to play better today and move the ball to win. We did not move with purpose on offense. At times we looked like the tired team. The thing that sticks out loud and clear is missing so many shots that should be easy!