Ole Miss now open

He was just fired…

Rich Rodriguez is sitting there like a cat that just ate the canary.

The little dog-pee move might have sealed the deal.

Or will he be looking for a job too?

Matt Luke did a decent job, really, as an interim coach who guided the program through the problems that Hugh Freeze and probation caused. He is an Ole Miss faithful and did his job. This is not surprising to anyone in the SEC.

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After Ole Miss lost to Memphis and was to play us next, I thought if the Hogs could beat them, Rich Rod would be head coach for game three. The hapless Hogs helped him finish the season.

Tough gig as a head coach when your OC and DC were both former head coaches, and coaches at WV. and Col.

Kinda surprised a little bit! Maybe fiasco at Egg Bowl sealed his fate! This is why you fire Morris when we did and not wait till end of season!

Morris should have been fired after SJS.

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Haha gotta let the hate go Army, he’s gone, we’re all alive, gonna have a coach soon. Ur starting to sound like Fred and the Allen brothers, beating the crap outta that dead horse.

Seems a waste of time lamenting on what we “should have done” two months ago.

The team fired him then

I wish we would have had either Allen at QB this past season!