Ole Miss --- Near Miss

Up 28-6 late 2nd quarter, then absolutely go into the toilet.
Could not happen to a more deserving bunch. Ya gotta luv it.

They were too busy counting their bonus to keep playing.

What I know is that if you’re spotted 22 points and lose, you deserve to lose.

I hate the SEC took another hit, but it’s hard for me to be too upset at an Ole Miss loss. Either way, I couldn’t imagine them losing when it was 28-6 late in the 2nd qtr. They dominated the first 28 mins of the game & got dominated the rest of the way. (At least they got dominated for as much of it as I saw. I went to bed early in the 4th qtr.)

I don’t pull for any team I don’t like…no matter what conference they are in. I really enjoyed watching Ole Miss wilt in the 2nd half. Poor Hugh Freeze, poor in that respect only and rich in the money department, looked lost as ever when his team doesn’t have more talent than the other team. His 4 year ride is about to get real bumpy when the NCAA drops the hammer on their butts.

Ole Miss is a good team this year. I see them winning 8-9 games. They better enjoy this year because it may be the best they have for the next 8-10 years. See SC.

I agree that Ole Miss has a good team this year, but they’re also played several freshman. The inexperience showed up in the second half. I don’t believe the NCAA will do anymore than what has been self imposed by Ole Miss. Just my thoughts.

It pains me to say this, but I thought that Ole Miss looked like the second best team in the conference last night. Yes, they had one bad quarter, just like we did. The difference is they were playing one of the best teams in the country so they gave up 23 points during their bad quarter. We were playing an unranked CUSA team, so we only gave up 6 points during our bad quarter.
They’re loaded with athletes (albeit paid-for athletes) and have an aggressive offensive scheme that is so difficult defend. They have some defenders who look like they’ll be in the NFL, as well.
I hate them. I hate their cheating coach and their cheating administration and their drunken brag-about-the-Rebs fans.
That being said, I’m afraid they’re going to kick our butts this year.
Please…lawdy, I hope I’m wrong.

When FSU stopped shooting their collective feet off with 100 yards in penalties during the first half and their freshman QB got his sea legs, OM got overwhelmed with wave after wave of talent and a coach that adjusted brilliantly at halftime. The second half was fun to watch especially when the OM faithful thought they were on their way to a NC early in the second quarter. Lovely night of football as far as I’m concerned.