Ole Miss met with the NCAA this week...

Ole Miss is accused of 21 level 1 violations…any level 1 can get the school put on probation. The NCAA allowed 3 days for the hearing, but only used about one half of that. Most observers interpreted that to mean Ole Miss didn’t put on much of a defense for the charges. The NCAA will hand down their penalties in 60 days or so.

Is it too early to begin recruiting Shea Patterson?

Leo Lewis, the Mississippi State player who was granted limited immunity from the NCAA to tell about Ole Miss providing impermissible benefits, is believed to have been at the hearing, although no one has confirmed that.

I thought it was kind of humorous when Dan Mullen was asked about it this morning on the coaches’ call. He said, “We’re not going to comment on major violations at other institutions.” If ever you can get a dig into a no comment, that was it.

You can’t help but like Dan Mullen. He was the one who started calling Ole Miss “the school up north”. TSUN is what the MSU fans call the Rebs.

You know Mullen has to dislike Ole Miss, especially if they have been cheating to the extent the NCAA says. Paying players to come to a rival school is a hard recruiting disadvantage to overcome, especially when the rival school is in your state. I expect the playing field will favor the Bulldogs soon.

Where Leo Lewis was concerned, the Bulldogs found a way to overcome that recruiting disadvantage.

The reason they had to grant immunity to the Mississippi State player to get him to testify means he is not exactly innocent of transgressions. I don’t think anyone believes he went to Mississippi State because they gave him less than Ole Miss did. I wonder how long it will take Ole Miss to find and share dirt on MissState?


If ole miss was offering say 10 grand, we are supposed to believe this 18 year old kid took the high road and went to Miss Stare for nothing? Ha, yeah right.

Miss State in my opinion didn’t make a good move by either encouraging Leo or allowing him to go public with this. Maybe a double headed snake.

Leo admitted to $11K from MSU. He was “offered” $10k from OM, but nothing to confirm he took it.
Rebel Rags SUED Leo for stating he took free garb from RR. Rumor is, just the opposite, Ole Miss was not nearly as guilty as we were led to believe. Once the COI questioned Leo, they found out that OM was ONLY guilty of the infractions that occurred when HDN was there… ACT test infractions and that was 2 coaches ago and 6 years ago.
We can only hope the NCAA smacks OM because they are STILL recruiting despite the cloud…
This MAY result in MSU being investigated. Leo’s immunity only applies if he is TRUTHFUL… How can the NCAA believe him when he says he took $ from OM, but NOT believe him when he also says he took $11k from MSU.
NCAA is setting itself up to be sued by multiple parties…

Go back and read the reports and you will find out Leo admitted to taking the cash from both schools.
Dan Mullen is being quiet he don’t want to end on probation too!

After Ole Miss gets hammered by the NCAA, I am sure their goal will be to bring down Mississippi State if they can. The extent of the cheating at Ole Miss is mind boggling, if you read the NCAA charges. The Rebs are toast, so they will do anything in their power to hurt the Bulldogs. They certainly don’t want MSU to be the flagship school in that state.

Who says they encouraged anything? Or gave him permission to go public? I don’t see that they could have stopped it.

I said encouraging or allowing, idk what the case was. I know you cant tell him to not say anything, but you can tell him and highly advise him to just keep his nose out.

Personally I would’ve told him to keep his mouth shut, because Ole Miss was in trouble without his help. Now there’s some spot light on MS.

Maybe I missed it, but I don’t know that Leo said anything publicly, or if what he told the NCAA just leaked out. It would not have been in Moo U’s interest to dissuade Leo from talking to the NCAA. The infamous Snapchat video was made around the time he signed his LOI (thus not on campus at Starkville yet), and as we all know, teenagers (and many adults) put some really stupid stuff on social media.

My point is that, I’m sure Dan mullen isn’t overly thrilled about the attention MS is now getting in return.

But I for sure agree with you.

Dan shouldn’t have paid the kid to go to MSU then. That’s how you fix that problem. One thing is clear: Leo, and his family, all had their hands out getting every nickel (and free shirt). If he hadn’t talked to the NCAA he would be ineligible. If MSU gets nailed for this I guess he will be allowed to transfer and play somewhere else, which may or may not also have paid him.


I heard his mother said something about LSU also paid them. This will likely drag other schools into the mess.

She said LSU offered several times the amount Ole Miss and MSU offered, which begs the question of why the biggest bidder didn’t win out.

Difficulty with math.

Thus the ACT testing assistance

Maybe the biggest bidder did win out.

If LSU offered me idk, say 50k… MS better be rolling out the cash to get me in Starkville, Mississippi… I mean big time to get me to that place.