Ole Miss Makes a Change ...

… again in mascots. No longer the Bears, they will now be Land Sharks. Their nickname will remain Rebels. Confused? That may say something about the Ole Miss administration.

I really don’t care what their mascot is. They should have changed it too
" the Crooks "

Sounds like an “identity crisis”. I know one thing, our brand and mascot will never change, unless the vegans shame everyone to move away from protein and animals in general. Sorry Nebraska “cornhusker” fans.

Rebels without a conscience. Bears, Land Sharks, who cares? They’re toast. Maybe their new mascot should be Melba Toast.

Probably should just dress their mascot in an orange jump suit … !

With stripes??

Got to be one of the silliest things ever, probably is a great example of the superficiality of the Ole Miss mentality. If you wear the right clothes, say the right words or have a new mascot then you are better.

Anyone ever caught a Land Shark?
Or a Flying Catfish?

Shoot, they might as well change it. All of the pundits call them the Land Sharks anyway.

So do they end up with Chad Morris or Mike Norvell?

They’ve been outscored 114-6 in the last 7 quarters.

If was Chad or Mike, I’d look elsewhere. Are they gonna be eligible for a Bowl/scholarship reduction?