Ole Miss loses

No heroics tonight. Lose to UCF, for their 2nd loss.
If we sweep SEMO tomorrow you think we might be #1?

Kendall Rogers said D1 Baseball will have a new No. 1 on Monday. Wouldn’t say who but everyone else in their top 6 has lost this weekend.

I know it doesn’t necessarily mean much this early in the season, but it would be nice!

It would put a big target on their backs, but probably there anyway. SEC is going to be very strong

I just looked at the SEC schedule for the first time, BRUTAL road schedule.

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Ours or theirs? There’s no such thing as an easy schedule in SEC baseball. At least we miss Vandy (and Misery and Kentucky) and get Florida at home this year. And more importantly, we don’t have to play Arkansas.

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We have to go to Miss St and OM and I think LSU too so Will have to be clicking on all cylinders to win those

I cannot recall ever before considering “importantly, we don’t have to play Arkansas”…and then I feel a bit sorry for those Texas schools we played last week.

Tenner and Ole Miz both lost a series unexpectedly. Fair warning and gotta remember no one goes undefeated thru a complete SEC year. Vandy or us for #1 no matter how early is always good for me. Ought to be us atop D1 next week.

I kinda feel for SEMO. That guy Dodd on Thursday pitched out of his mind, and they really deserved to win, but we got to the bullpen and forced extra innings, then won it in the 10th. But in 20 years when he’s a high school baseball coach somewhere, he can remember how he struck out 10 and made the #2 team in the country look really bad.

Watched a good bit of that series and UCF is much better than record coming in. Threw 2 very good LH and a RH with MLB change-up, hit the ball well and with power, they played very well.

Being number one is always a recruiting positive… and right now we have earned it.

This year many of the mid-majors are very good. The return of many players has helped a lot of schools. I do think the SEC is a step above, but no team should take any of their competition lightly. As we saw on Thursday, a really good pitcher can cause a good team to have a tough time.

Pitching can and normally does that at any level of baseball. The old saying that good pitching stops good hitting is true now and has always been so. I expect it will always be so. The way to beat good pitching is with good pitching and defense of your own and then to someway find a run or two. Hopefully, that will make them get into their pen (of course, I don’t think anybody wants to see Arkansas go to their pen).


True. Normally, playing SEMO has been good competition for the Hogs. While they’re never as deep as the Hogs, they normally have 1 or 2 starting pitchers who are quite good. But, good SEC teams can be brutal to others when they get into the second or third pitcher in a game.

What I was getting at was our ROAD SEC games are #2 MSU; #5 OM; #13 SC; #12 LSU and #22 UT,

Our Home SEC games are #25 Bama; Unranked Auburn; unranked TA$M; unranked UGA and #7 UF.

We don’t play #3 Vandy; unranked Mizzu, Unranked UK.

I realize any SEC schedule is going to be tough. But playing all 5 away series against ranked teams? Ouch.

We better make hay in our home series.

I prefer to think of it as Tennessee and South Carolina are thinking “I wish we didn’t have to play Arkansas this year!”

Nine SEC teams ranked in the top 25 per the coaches.

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