Ole Miss kicking their butt

Love it! LSUcks!!couldn’t happened to a more cocky bunch.

To me this was about trying to decide which one I wanted to lose the most. I finally decided I wanted LSU to lose the most. I’m enjoying the hell out of watching them go down, seeing their heads down in the dugout, etc. Unfortunately, I don’t like watching the Rebnecks enjoying themselves.

On balance, I’m glad LSU is getting beat.

But I can’t help but wonder how badly we’d have beaten them if we’d faced today’s pitchers.

(I don’t guess I’ve gotten over yesterday’s game despite knowing how little it matters to our post-season.)

It’s kinda like trying to decide who to root for in the Iron Bowl. But I’m enjoying seeing LSU get stomped.

Since a focused meteor strike was unlikely, I’m glad the Rebnecks won.

I saw all of about 10 minutes of it. Saw when Ole Miss went up 7-1, and loved it when the announcer looked at the LSU fans and said, “They’re not used to this feeling, losing in a championship game.” At that moment, I was an Ole Miss fan if but for just that moment.