Ole Miss @ Hogs

We aren’t sharp and I sure don’t like the ball going baseline to Adrio late in the shot clock then he passes out and it ends up being a bad shot by Emery Simpson. You might as well throw the ball in the stands.
Gafford came to play! Joe hasn’t got going yet

Bailey tries to make a unnecessary circus shot and missing FT’s. Gotta lock it up.

Ya know, I get it’s ultimately on the coach, but man, to be in a system that encourages uptempo and freedom to attack, shoot, run and scoring, and consistently not be able to score 10 points in 10 minutes, as a player that’s on you as well. Good grief. Just horrible. C’mon man.

No defense…we’re a step slow.

Has a rim every been broken on a FT?

Stats are virtually identical. The big factor, we’ve missed 7 FT’s. Gotta lock it up at the line and keep attacking because Ole Miss is on their heels with fouls.

It looks like Harris has his usual non shooting woes today. Gabe, Adrio and Harris need to sit! Play Chaney at the 4!
We can’t make free throws again.

It’s a miracle it’s close. They left the defense in Lexington. We can look at the box score and see why we are behind. Live ball turnovers for easy Ole Miss baskets, missing free throws and role players putting up bricks! I’m just tired of it. I hate to see Harris, and Gabe on the floor at the same time!

When Harris, Adrio and Gabe take an outiside shot they should count it as a turnover.

We have an opportunity in the second half if we play better defense and make free throws.

We are playing better defense. We gotta keep it up.

Second missed easy layup and two straight traveling misses that gave Ole Miss points.

Calm down guys.

Inconsistent calls are killing us.

Either it’s a charge or it’s not. Different officials are making different calls on travels and charges.

Well, they’ve taken away the need for FT’s because only one person has shot 1 FT the entire second half.

Ole Miss has scored about 10 points off travels.

We are doing well, we just need to lock it down and do the simple things that we’re messing up.

We have no clue what to do with momentum, so we kill it.

Maybe The worst team I have ever seen with momentum.

The hogs are being strong with the ball. Too many second chances to Ole Miss by playing weak going for the ball.
On offense we can’t finish at the rim and outside of Jones we pretty much are cold.
Joe has a 3 and Adrio finish one down low. We have had a lot of chances to build a lead.

Get Bailey out. He is dead weight at the moment.



There’s another example of losing basketball. Adrio throws a pass inside that’s a turnover and immediately doesn’t play defense and allows layup. Always produces more negatives that he will ever do positive. To many times during a game we have players on the floor that allow our opponent to play defense on 3 of our players.
Stop a take the shot from the feee throw line and that call never happens.