Ole Miss @Hogs

The TV folks have messed up several times. With Dillard at the plate they showed Kenley’s line!
It seems like the hogs have showed up ready to play!

off to a great start I was hoping these turds would see the real hogs so far so good,we have always hit ethridge well,.

good to see Casey hit the ball well today!!now need Kjerstad to wake up!

Their bullpen will have to throw four plus innings (if we don’t have to bat in the ninth). Could pay dividends tomorrow or Monday.

Boom by Goodheart!! power bat coming just at the right time!

Feels really good to have an 8 run lead going into the 5th. Still a lot of baseball to play, but I’d like them to use several pitchers throwing lots of pitches.

Of course, once you get here you quit saving pitchers. I’d love to make this a two game series, though.

these are the real Razorbacks,they havent seen these guys in yrs! tomorrow will be tougher b/c their LH is really good but when we are hitting it don’t matter!

I’d like to take about 3 of these runs & use ‘em in tomorrow’s game. We won’t see their best relievers today. Their starter tomorrow (whose name I can’t spell) is probably their best starter, too—at least as far as matching up against us.