Ole Miss gives UGA a tie

… gift-wrapped and with a large bow. Two outs and a grounder which the pitcher could have thrown to 1B. Instead he throws over the catcher’s head and two runs score.

That was a complete meltdown! Unbelievable now watch them go about 15 innings:joy:

Does my heart good to see Ole Miss do poorly.

It would be crazy if the loser of this game played itself out of a national seed. Don’t think that will happen, but it could. And Georgia just went deep in the 10th to take the lead.

Sounds like we sent them our defensive playbook . . .


Any loss for Ole Miss is a good loss!!!
Same goes for LSU and Auburn!!

Can you believe this!!!
E Miss just tied it up!
No outs and a runner on second.
I don’t want Ole Miss to win, but I want this game over!

Ole Miss had to work for it but got the Win!
I wanted Ole Miss to win because they are SEC west.