Ole Miss getting pub from Olympic soccer

Rafaelle Souza of the Brazilian Olympic women’s soccer team played for the Rebnecks from 2011-2013. They’ve mentioned that fact two or three times during the first half of their match with the Netherlands.

I don’t think we’ve had a soccer Olympian yet, certainly not for the U.S,

Meanwhile, NBC just cuts away from soccer at weird times for commercials. Break in the action? Who needs it! Just get those ads in. The announcers clearly don’t know when they’re going to break, or coming back. Come back from an ad, they’re in midsentence.

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I’m watching the replay of Dressage competition. They do the same. Plus, there are two commentators, a woman and a man. There is music being played as each horse and rider makes their run. The woman is mostly overwhelmed by the music. I’ve tried adjusting my sound settings, but they really need a sound technician to adjust the balances.

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